Homework week 7

This week’s homework is a review of the work we have been doing about line graphs in class. You have been given the temperatures in Baschurch for Wednesday and Friday and should compare the results on a line graph!

Cross Country

Well done to all our cross country runners on Tuesday. We had a record number of runners competing and had numerous top 5 finishes and as an added bonus, all runners got the distance of their race added to their Golden Mile total!

The remaining dates for the cross country events are:

Tuesday 6th November

Tuesday 13th November

Tuesday 20th November

Your three best finishes are used to decide who qualifies for the next round of the competition, which is usually held in Ellesmere.

Any child who still wants to compete in these events is still very welcome. You will need to get a letter from the office and return to Mr McGrath.

Weeks 6 and 7

English: We have continued our block of work on diary entries and are currently writing our third diary entry as Inventor McGregor. Along side this we have been continuing to learn about using fronted adverbials and subrdinating conjunctions as well as revising the plural and possessive s.

Maths: We have started our statistics unit by learning about line graphs. So far we have been focusing on reading and interpreting the graphs and we are now beginning to draw our own to show information accurately.

Topic: In our inventions unit we have been deciding the top 10 inventions of the 20th century (visit out dojo page to see our final top 10!) Next we will be learning about inventions in the 21st century, where we will be predicting and thinking of our own inventions for the future.

Week 5

This week in maths we have been busy tackling multi step problems using addition and subtraction! We have now completed our addition and subtraction unit and will be moving onto statistics.

In English, we have continued to read Inventor McGregor and have been writing diary entries, concentrating on portraying the character’s feelings and describing a setting.

The class have loved used their new spelling shed logins this week and they have loved earning points to try and be top of the leaderboard! We have also continued our Skip2bfit personal challenge and Golden Mile – look out for a distance update tomorrow!

Week 4 homework

There were 2 pieces of homework this week:

  1. Fronted adverbials – completing sentences
  2. Negative numbers

Both of these consolidate work which we have done in class this week.

We have also been given a task of finding inventions from the 5 main rooms in our house. Once collected, this homework will be used to help us plan a mural of a house and all the inventions in it which will be displayed in our classroom.