Spring term update.


Our English focus this term is on the work of Shakespeare and we are currently focusing on ‘Macbeth’. So far we have read, written and performed play scripts, wrote character descriptions about the three witches and this week we have been writing a letter from Macbeth to Lady Macbeth.


We started the half term by working on finding the area and perimeter of rectangles and compound shapes. We are now learning about written multiplication and division, looking at different written methods we can use including the grid method and column method.



This term our history topic is the Vikings. We have started by learning about the Saxons and how they invaded, where they came from, what the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms were, what village life was like, Saxon Runes, what religion and Gods they followed and how they converted to Christianity.



Our weekly lessons are gymnastics with Mr Hughes and invasion games with Mr McGrath.

After completing our Skip2bfit challenge last term, we have now started our new tennis ‘Tap Up Challenge’ where we will try to improve our scores every week.

We are also continuing with the Golden Mile, where some members of the class have already got their 25 mile certificate!