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A brilliant start to the day with Alexis’ mum kindly talking to the children about looking after animals. The children learnt about caring for animals and developed their bandaging skills beautifully. All the soft toys had a least one bandage by the end of the session! Thankyou Alexis’ mum. 😀

A big thanks to all the grown ups who came today. It was very busy but the children loved taking on the role of waiters and waitresses. A big thank you to Mrs Siviter for helping with refreshments.

Class 1 Baptism

We had a wonderful time in church today baptising Daisy and Sam. Reverend Linda was fantastic explaining what everything meant as we went through the service. The children looked gorgeous and behaved nicely.

Dudley Zoo

We have had a fantastic day feeding the lorikeets, riding on the train waving to the animals, feeding the meerkats, stroking a chinchilla and watching giraffes…… The children behaved beautifully and Heather from the education team at DZ said we were brilliant listeners. Half the children fell asleep on the way home too so that is always a sign of a busy day. The only part of our day that wasn’t brilliant was the fact we were missing Emily. Hope you are feeling better Emily and we have got you a little gift. Well done Class 1 you are fantastic.

Going Green for God

D6ADC65B-08CE-410D-9AE4-8F2294E7B12EAnother great session.
This week we completed our ‘tidy tins’ and played a game where we had to find different symbols. Today I will be taking a group down to church for Community Lunches. This week we are hoping to share our wedding dvd and some photos of our favourite places in school. 😀

Wedding celebrations continued

A great last week of the half term. Beautiful weather has made our garden area a lovely place to learn. Barry the homemade scarecrow and our decorated CD’s spinning in the breeze will hopefully keep the birds at bay! We have been thinking about who cares for our classroom, our homes and our church. Please don’t forget to read the letter about DEAR and our new club.
Have a great week. 😀

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