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Continuing our travel and transport theme, next week, class 2 will be exploring space travel. For this week’s homework the children will be asked to make their own model of a  rocket or space ship. We are encouraging them to use recycled materials such as plastic bottles, cardboard tubes etc.

Here are some ideas to inspire you….

IMG_2502 IMG_2503 IMG_2504

Fruit Salad

We have been learning about healthy foods, making and sampling fruit salads. Well done to everyone who tried something new!

Well done class 2

Class 2 have been working really hard with their assessments this week. Just look at the concentration…

Is this food healthy?

We have been learning about healthy food in PHSE, some of class 2’s thoughts on the subject were quite…interesting, especially when.thinking about ice cream sundaes and chocolate! This domino game led to many engaging discussions..



Welcome back class 2.

What a great first day of the new term. Today the children found out about our new topic for this term: travel and transport. They have been exploring our new learning zones including a role play travel agents, the listening tent, the construction corner and creative zone.

To introduce our topic they met Travelling Ted, who is keen to come home with a child each week, to explore our local area. He will be bringing  a diary to record his travels and the fun he gets up to

Just to keep you informed, PE will be on Mondays and Thursday, and children will require a forest school kit for Fridays. Reading books will be sorted out tomorrow and should be sent home Thursday.

If you have any questions, enquiries or just want to pop in to see how your child is getting on, please feel free to ask.











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