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Last week.

Hi everyone,

We have been really busy in Class 3 this week writing and performing our news reports as news readers. We choose a fairytale to base our reports on and then today dressed up as a News Readers to report the news while Miss Clough recorded us using Green Screen.

In Maths we have been working one adding and subtracting using the quickest method. E.g. 20 + 16 = 20 + 10 + 6 = 36. We will continue this after the half term holidays.

We carried out a science experiment this week to test the best material for Teddy to use as an umberella. We decided what we needed to make it a fair test and recorded our results accurately in a chart so we could come to a good conclusion.

Spellings  have gone out for the holidays and children also have continent work to complete.

Have a lovely half term,

Miss Clough.

Class 3 weekly news.


In English we have been looking at using adjectives to describe. We have started to understand that an adjective, coupled with a noun is called an expanded noun phrase (big, blue butterfly) and have been trying to write our own. We will be starting the latest Scratchy Rabbit challenge next week and using noun phrases to help add detail and interest to our writing.



We have been looking at partitioning two digit numbers in various ways this week. We have used the part whole model and classroom resources to support our learning. Children are starting to understand that 2-digit numbers can be partitioned into various way (24 – 20 + 4, 10 + 14) and we will be looking at writing number sentences to support what we know. Any extra work on partitining would be really useful for the children going into next week.


We started our science topic on materials this week. We were looking at natural materials in Forest school and focused on the difference between man made and natural materials in the classroom. Children have been encouraged to describe the properties of materials and there are some really useful games on purple mash to support children’s understanding if you would like to have a go at home.


Spelling investigations went home home today and don’t forget to be starting to look at some of the homework tasks on the homework menu.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Clough.

Welcome back!

Welcome back!

Just a quick message to say a huge welcome back to all the children and parents from Class 3. Our main topics this half term are Ironbridge, materials and their properties and the circus so feel free to have a look at these at home. Homework menus, spellings, reading book and records along with books bags will all be going home towards the end of this week.


Thanks, Miss Clough.

Weekly update

We have had a really busy week in Class 3 this week.


We have been writing our own stories in the style of Beatrix Potter this week. We started by looking at the main themes in many of her books and then we created a story mountain to help us structure our own story. Today we completed our stories in full and used our own characters and ideas to make it more exciting.


It has been a mixture if time, fractions and measure this week. We have been finding one third of an amount and recapping reading and writing the time.


We created a timeline for the life of Florence Nightingale. The children already know so much about her life and achievements and are really enjoying this topic. As it was national nurses week this week we had a little celebration today in remeberance of Florence Nightingale.


Last week we got to borrow some of the Year 4’s to come and help us in tennis and we were able to have a mini tennis tournament. All the children really enjoyed it and it was great to see the younger and older children working together in small teams.

Spelling challenge and times tables have all been sent home as usual and can I just remind children to bring in any work from the homework menu before the end of this half term.

Have a great weekend, Miss Clough.

Welcome back!

Welcome back, I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter break.

We have been straight back into things this week in Class 3..


In English we have started to look at Beatrix Potter. On Monday we found out exactly who she was and gathered lots of information about her life and the books she has published. We have now moved on to looking at one of her more famous stories (Peter Rabbit) and are writing character descriptions as well as writing letters to Mr McGregor from Peter Rabbit apologising for ruining all his lovely vegetables.


We are looking back at our work on shape. Children are using their knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes to create patterns and artwork as well as strengthening their knowledge on the key properties of different 3D shapes.


Our science topic this term is on Animals including Humans – we started this on Monday and were looking at offspring and adults, noticing how some animals change as they get older due to their habitat and surroundings.


Nurturing nurses is also a new topic for us this term. We will start this on Thursday by looking at Florence Nightingale. The key questions will be Who is Florence Nightingale? Why is she famous? and What does she look like? The children seem to be really excited to start this.

Thanks to everyone who made the maths evening last night. I am hoping to run another one in the next week or so. Sorry for the short notice and the delay in getting these workshops to you but hopefully you will still find them of some use as we approach the KS1 SAT period.

A quick reminder that PE this half term will be on a Tuesday, so PE kits do need to be in for then and a new homework menu will go out as usual this Friday. Spellings have changed slightly – the children will get a spelling challenge as homework each week focusing around the spelling rule we are learning in class. Their spellings on a Friday will make use of this rule and include words that they have been learning during the week.

Many Thanks,

Miss Clough.

Half term spellings.


badge, hedge, strange, edge, huge, what, even, only, people (Spelling rule: using ‘dge’ at the end of words following a vowel)


date, shake, smile, white, fine, like, where, friend, one, you (Spelling focus: split ‘a-e’ and ‘i-e’ digraphs in words)

Internet safety week.

This week we have been continuing our work on multiplication and division in maths as well as telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes. It has been quite a tricky concept so any chance children get to read and write the time at home would be brilliant.

In English we have been writing instructions. We started off looking at the story ‘How to trap a dragon’ and created a story map to help us remember the instructional text. Children have finished off the week writing their own version of instructions and have chosen to trap unicorns, sharks and trolls. I am really looking forward to reading their final versions tomorrow, we have had great fun.

As it has been internet safety week this week we have been discussing how we can make sure we stay safe online. Children were able to talk about all the positive uses of the internet but at the same time highlight the importance of staying safe online. We have made a really lovely video in Class 3 to promote internet safety and I am just figuring out a way to share it with everyone as it is too large to put on Class Dojo – stay tuned.
Children have not received spellings this week as I have asked them to practice reading and writing the high frequency words from the Year 2 list. PE kits can also be taken home to wash after next Tuesday but will need to be back in school after the half term holidays.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Clough.

Spellings 9.1.17

Group 1










Spelling rule: When the suffix starts with a consonant you can add it to the word without changing the root word at all. 

Group 2











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