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World Cup Homework (08.06.18)

This afternoon we had a World Cup Sweepstake!

Every child has picked their country that they will look out for during the World Cup.

Your homework task is to find out about the country you have chosen.
Here are some of ideas for what you could find out:
Currency used
What continent it is in
A drawing of their home and away kit
Language spoken
Capital city
Star player
The year they were first in the World Cup
How many times they’ve been in the World Cup
How many times they’ve won the World Cup

And any ideas you can think of! You can choose how to present your findings!

Please return by next Thursday at the latest.

Homework (due 9.11.17)

This week we have planned a newspaper report as a class about the pantomime we watched on Thursday. Your homework is to use the plan to write your own report. Make sure you include a catchy headline and answer the questions who, what, when, where, why!

Homework week 3

Homework was sent home today.

Maths – two activities supporting what we have been learning in class this week (counting in 3’s, 6’s and 9’s and negative numbers) This was set for year 4’s only.

Science – Proving the Earth is spherical not flat. This was for all children.

Homework week 2

First of all, thank you again for the amazing responses to last weeks homework! It was great to be able to display so much of the work.


The sun is enormous and takes up most of our Solar System. It has a powerful gravitational pull that attracts all the other objects in the Solar System, pulling them towards it. These objects are moving rapidly and trying to pull away, but they can’t because the pull of gravity is too great.
The result is that these objects spend eternity orbiting the sun.

Your task: Describe the movement of the planets in relation to the sun. You could, draw pictures/diagrams to show what happens, make a model, or anything else you can think of! Try and use as many scientific words as you can!

The aim of the task is to help the children to further understand how the planets move around the sun at different speeds and how the sun attracts them by gravity.


Recently we have been researching and writing biographies. During their lessons they have researched a person of their choice and written a biography about them and are currently writing an autobiography.


To write a biography about a family member.

It can be hand written or completed on the computer.

If you need paper to write it on please ask and I can prepare some for you to take home.

Hand in date: 12/07/16

Mrs Hillidge



This week…

In Maths this week pupils are learning about different strategies to tackle division problems including using number lines, short division and bus stop methods. These skills will be applied to real life situations.

Persuasive writing is our focus in English, we have already written some fantastic persuasive arguments about zoos and we are moving on to advertising techniques and key features. This will lead pupils into designing and marketing their own product ideas in this weeks Big Write. I can’t wait to see where their imaginations take them!

To reinforce their learning children will be asked to collect examples of snappy slogans, exaggerations and, appealing adjectives for homework this week. They can be recorded in their note books and will need to be return by next Thursday.

Welcome Back!

It was lovely to hear about all the exciting activities you have been up to during the Easter holidays Class 5.

This week in Maths we are learning about different mental strategies to solve problems, using and applying existing knowledge of multiplication and associated division facts.

Writing our story resolutions and completing the first draft of our Mythical story books are the aims in English lessons this week as well as taking up the homophone homework challenge. A good number of you have already started compiling lists of homophone pairs and the current target stands at 140!! I can’t imagine how many you will find by next Monday when it is due to be handed in. Good Luck!

Busy, busy, busy!

Production practises are well under way and we are all very keen to share our performances next week. Thank you for learning your lines class 5, you have made a great effort  and it hasn’t gone unnoticed!

A big thank you too, to all the children who have returned their Baschurch History homework projects. Our display is looking fantastic.


In maths this week children have been finding patterns in sequences of numbers. To reinforce this learning they may try out this worksheet at home:


If you could please encourage them to try as many as possible and bring them back to school by Thursday next week, it would be greatly appreciated.

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