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Swimming Gala

A huge well done to the members of our swimming team who finished second overall in our cluster schools gala this morning!

All 8 swimmers either won their heat or reached the final.

The girls relay team won their competition and Erin also broke the gala record for girls breaststroke!

Class update

English: We have been focussing on newspaper reports this half term. So far we have written a report about Guy Fawkes and we are currently reporting on a video called ‘The Lighthouse’ which you can find here:

We have been analysing features of reports including; headlines, openings and speech.

Maths: We are currently learning about multiplication and division. So far we have covered; factors, multiples, prime numbers, square numbers and cube numbers.

Other: Last week we celebrated Remembrance Day by creating some Poppy art work, based around the artist Georgia O’Keeffe. We also marked Anti-Bullying Week by creating our own class jigsaw, celebrating the fact that everyone is different but we all come together to make one. You can see both displays in the corridor outside our classroom!

IMG_5277 IMG_5282Our football and netball team competed at Shrewsbury High School yesterday. The boys finished 4th out of 6 in their group against some very strong teams and the girls qualified for the knockout stages after finishing 2nd in their group. Well done everyone!



IMG_2832We all had a great time today! All the children improved their personal bests and had lots of fun at the same time. Skipping is a great way of improving key skills such as agility, balance and coordination. Each class is going to have their own leaderboard and every child is going to get the chance to keep on improving on their personal best. There are a limited number of skipping ropes available for £5 from the school office.

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