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Cardiff day 3

7061C1E6-32C4-402D-81C7-162780796B47 1CAF084A-D2CA-49F2-8815-0E329820C688 2C8B1E69-FC98-4C03-9EC9-C5E6A0B375E1We have spent the morning at Techniquest exploring all the exhibits. We also had a show in the Plametarium called ‘Space Survivors’ finding out about how we could survive on Mars.

We have left Cardiff and are due to arrive at 3:15.

Cardiff Day 2

CA52AB21-9921-4BAC-82D3-A6D24BBCC590 C25F050B-A1E4-4AF4-AF8A-C0F8DE3BFEC0 D7EFE1AC-A981-4B1B-9FEF-91B9A6AC1C07We began the day with an amazing ‘Bay Blast’ before going onto Boulders for lots of climbing and team work challenges. Then we completed the Cardiff Bay Treasure Trail and had a run around in the park! Now settled down to a DVD!

Cardiff day 1

7028F87E-2622-434C-AA75-350C46BE5C14We’ve had a brilliant first day in Cardiff – starting with an underground cave tour and finishing with a last minute England winner!

Tomorrow we’ll be starting with our bay blast, followed by climbing @ Boulders and then a treasure trail around Cardiff Bay!

Our World Cup Sweepstake!

Our World Cup teams (by group)

Group A
Russia Maddy
Uruguay Abi
Saudi Arabia Emma
Egypt Harriet

Group B
Portugal Lucy
Spain Mari
Morocco Erin
Iran Lois

Group C
France Faye
Australia Raluca
Peru Emily
Denmark Neve

Group D
Argentina Mateo
Croatia William
Nigeria Chloe M
Iceland Issy

Group E
Brazil Theo
Switzerland Peter
Serbia Thomas CW
Costa Rica Sophie

Group F
Germany Shane
Mexico Rhys
Sweden Ellyson
South Korea Jasmine

Group G
Belgium Oscar
England Ajvir
Tunisia James F
Panama James W

Group H
Colombia Thomas G
Poland Lucia
Senegal Alanna
Japan Chloe B

(Note: This is the country you need to find out about for your homework!)

KS2 Sports Clubs

The sports clubs on offer next half term are:

Monday: Table Tennis


Tuesday: Fencing

Wednesday: Mixed Sports (Full)

Thursday: Archery

Letters have now been sent home for all of the above. Please return slips as soon as possible to ensure your place!

Please note: We also have a KS1 sports club ran by Jonny Hughes on Thursdays. Please contact the school office if you would like to book on.

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