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Thank you for all of the homework that has already been given in over the last few weeks. A reminder for anybody who has not yet brought their work in that the deadline is next Friday (20th October). We have already seen some fantastic pieces and can’t wait to see more of what you have to show.

Homework Menu – Autumn Term 1 2017

Autumn Term 1 2017

For this half term we have devised a Homework Menu for you to choose your tasks. Over the next half term you can choose a minimum of 2 homework activities to complete. They can be brought into school at anytime over the half term but no later than Friday 20th October.

1) Healthy Lifestyle – you can create a poster, leaflet, PowerPoint or Advert advertising the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how you can achieve it. This can be completed in any format you choose e.g. on paper, PowerPoint, video, publisher etc.

2) Create an Anti-bullying poster linked to our English book this term, Wonder.

3) Create a science quiz for your fellow classmates on ‘The Human Body’. This can be done on paper or using a computer (PurpleMash – 2Quiz) and is linked to this term’s Science topic. Topics can include the skeletal, muscular, digestive and circulatory systems as well as the impact different lifestyles can have on our body.

4) An Art or D.T piece of your choice related to our History and Geography topic this term – Shrewsbury.

5) PurpleMash 2Code – You can choose any ‘chimp’ activity to complete using 2code on Purplemash.

In addition to these tasks, you are expected to complete your weekly spellings, timetables and reading.

At times extra Maths/SPaG (Spellling, Punctuation and Grammar) activities may be sent home to support or extend learning in the classroom.

If you have any questions about any of these tasks please ask.

Mrs Kovach & Mrs Hillidge

week ending 29th April

Maths: Link Ball – equivalence between fractions, decimals and percentages. Remember percentages are out of 100 (denominator 100) and decimals are tenths, hundredths and thousandths.

English: Wind in the Willows Reading Comprehension.

Make sure you read the text carefully before attempting any questions and refer to the text for each question.

Week ending 15th April

Maths: converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa.

English: to prepare for writing a letter of persuasion to a known audience e.g mum, dad, gran.

  • Think of something you would really like that is achievable (i.e. not so expensive it could never happen) e.g. a pet, new bicycle, holiday, new hobby – street dancing, learning to play an instrument.
  • Now think how you could persuade your adult to your point of view:
    • The benefits (between 4 and 6): educational, safety, health, happiness (your adult’s weak spots)
    • What would be the benefits to other family members?
    • Consider counter-arguments (reasons your adult would have against it) and how you could solve them.

Both pieces to be completed by Tuesday 19th April.

Week ending 4th March

Current Affairs Quiz

Spellings – from the Statutory Lists and tion/sion suffix (tests Monday)

Learning lines and songs from The Keymaster

Reading agreed chapters/pages from Shrewsbury Bookfest Short Listed books

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