Friends AGM

The Friends AGM is being held here at Baschurch Primary School on Wednesday 21 November at 6.00pm. All welcome, so please join us if you can.  We would love to be able to welcome some new committee members to our team.

Design a school competition…

A competition sheet to design a school has been sent home with the children this week. All entries will be entered into a nation wide competition to win the opportunity to have their design made into a real Lego model! We will be also have a few small prizes for a chosen winner from each class. We hope you enjoy this task and ask if completed entries can be returned to no later than Friday 30th November, happy designing everyone! 👍

Missing Shoe

One of our children is missing a shoe.  Boys shoe, size UK 13 and named.  Please could we ask that you check your child’s bag to make sure that they have not taken it home by accident. Thank you.