Sports Grant

Sports Grant 2013 2014

Primary Physical Education and Sport Premium – Impact 2013/2014

Impact areas

  1. Increase in participation rates in games, dance, gymnastics, swimming and athletics
  2. More inclusive physical education curriculum
  3. Growth in the range of traditional and alternative sporting activities
  4. Improvement in partnership work on physical education with other schools and other local partners
  5. Links with other subjects that contribute to pupils’ overall achievement and their greater social, spiritual, moral and cultural skills
  6. Developing and promoting healthy lifestyles


Use of funding Impact Addresses “Impact Area”
Secondary School (The Corbet) support:Teacher(1/2day per week), Young Leaders, Equipment. Increased ownership of the programme of sporting activities: agreed more competitions and festivals involving the Cluster Schools; agreed dates in the Autumn term for the year so increased participation.Baschurch CE (A) Primary entered teams in the following competitions:Hi Five Netball Tournament Y5/6, Sportshall Athletics Y5/6, Quick Sticks hockey Y5/6 (F), Dodgeball Y6(F), Mini Red Tennis (2 teams this year Y3 and Y4), Y5/6 Rounders, Area Sports (Y5 and Y6)Baschurch won the Sportshall Athletics and Quick Sticks Hockey and went forward to L2 competitions at Shawbury. As runners up, the QuickSticks team were invited to L3 competition at LilleshallChildren from Baschurch CE also participated in the Sportshall Athletics Festival (Y4 x9), Hi Five Netball (Y4 and Y5 x 12) and KS1 Athletics Festival (Y2 x 27)Young Leaders led activities (Primary Schools Sports Day Toolkit)at Baschurch – as a result all primary school children were actively involved in sport throughout the morning and competed in traditional Sports Day events –sprints, potato race, skipping etc. 1,2.3.4
Increased participation in sport competitions and school games.Contributions towards transport to competitions. L1: Hi Five Netball, Sportshall Athletics, Quicksticks Hockey, Dodgeball, Red Tennis, Rounders,L2: Sportshall Athletics, Quicksticks hockeyL3: Quicksticks hockeyBoys Football: Football in the Community Competitions run by Shropshire Schools and Colleges FA (SSCFA)- Small Schools EFA competitions:Winners of Shropshire Small Schools County Shield (final Shrewsbury Town Football Club STFC)Runners up National Small Schools (Winners of Shropshire Round, Runners up Midlands Region, Runners up National)FA Girls Football Festival (STFC) and Spectators at Women’s World Cup QualifierYear 4: North Shropshire schools Sports Superstars competition. J Bramley (external provider) led sessions focused on sports activities prior to the competition.92% Y6 (25/27) took part in at least 1 sporting competition this year. 1,2,3,5
Hiring sports coach to work alongside primary teachers Coach led activities – skills and games (football, netball, basketball, tennis, cricket, athletics and gymnastics) with class teachersClass teachers feel more confident in teaching these areas as result of observing and supporting the coach: clear structure to the lessons (warm up, focused teaching, application of skills, performance/evaluation), good range of activities, progression of skills over the series of lessons and shared responsibly providing the opportunity to focus/support/assess groups of children.The coach also helped the class teachers prepare pupils for tournaments e.g. Hi Five Netball, Red Tennis.Children active throughout the lessons – due to the structure, activities and level of adult support.Children clearly enjoyed these PE lessons – active and well supported. 1,2,3,6
Supply cover to release primary teachers for professional development in PE/Sport PE subject leader released for:Primary Physical Education Network Meetings;North Shropshire School Games Orientation Day;Shropshire PE Conference: including workshops in Safe Practice in PE; Moving Forward with the New Primary POS; Archery Primary.These meetings were invaluable for:a) keeping up to date with developments and expectations Primary PE and Sports (New Curriculum and School Sports Premium);b) revising procedures for assessing risks and completing Risk assessments for PE and Sports;c)introducing/familiarising with new, alternative sports and modified games e.g.Hi Five netball/ Quicksticks hockey– organisation and rules, progression in lessons – class teacher more confident in entering teams into competitions when familiar with structure and rules of modified games

Arrows – Archery: the school have now purchased a kit (late summer 2014) ready to implement after- school club 2014/15. Very impressed by the equipment and the opportunities it provides of all sporting abilities.

Tri- golf – to be explored further in 2014/15

Boccia – to be explored.

Paying for professional development opportunities in PE/sport Tupoutama Paki – New Zealand Hakka – whole school taught and performed Hakka as part of New Zealand focus week (March). Year 6 rehearsed and led whole school Hakka at start of School Sports Day in July. 1,2,3,5
Providing places for pupils on after school sport clubs and holiday clubs Range of afterschool sports clubs organised including dance, crown green bowling, football, hockey and summer sports – all with good uptake.Need to organise more opportunities for younger children. 1,2,3,6

(F) new this year

Physical Education at Baschurch CE (A) Primary School

Additional funding has been given to Primary schools, following on from London 2012, to help improve the quality of PE lessons and provide more opportunities to actively engage in sports activities. The 2014/15 grant allocated to Baschurch is £6702

At Baschurch CE (A) Primary this is being invested to provide:

  • support and modelling of activities and lesson organisation by professional coaches and PE teachers;
  • supply cover to release primary teachers for professional development in PE/Sport;
  • an increasingly wider range of opportunities to participate in events with other local primary schools. Every year group will experience a selection of these enrichment activities during the year.


Professional Development of Opportunities in PE 2014/15

This autumn term, Baschurch CE (A) Primary is providing in school coaching and modelling sessions to further enhance staff knowledge and skills in:








School Sports Partnership

Baschurch CE (A) Primary has joined The Corbet School Sport Partnership.

The aims of this group are to:

1. Provide a range of inter school competitions and festivals:


  • Swimming
  • Hi 5 Netball
  • Sportshall Athletics
  • Quicksticks Hockey
  • *Tag Rugby
  • *Girls Football
  • Dodgeball
  • Cross Country
  • Tennis
  • Rounders
  • Athletics
  • Orienteering

*new this year

2. Develop the skills of children and teachers across the partnership through participation in activities and inter-school competitions;

3. Train lunchtime supervisors – Change 4 life/Jumping Jaxx;

4. Share sports equipment to introduce new activities e.g. tri golf;

5. Provide advice and support where necessary.

Lunchtime and After School Clubs run by specialist teachers

Nick Jones (Jonny Hughes Coaching) Football

Liz Leese Gymnastics


Football in the Community Competitions run by Shropshire Schools and Colleges FA (SSCFA)


Other Opportunities to enhance/develop the School Extra-Curricular Provision as result of the funding:

  • Breakfast Club
  • Little Angel Gym Clubs
  • Forest Schools Club for KS2
  • Crown Green Bowling
  • Arrows Archery
  • Cross Country