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A brilliant start to the day with Alexis’ mum kindly talking to the children about looking after animals. The children learnt about caring for animals and developed their bandaging skills beautifully. All the soft toys had a least one bandage by the end of the session! Thankyou Alexis’ mum. 😀

A big thanks to all the grown ups who came today. It was very busy but the children loved taking on the role of waiters and waitresses. A big thank you to Mrs Siviter for helping with refreshments.

Class 3 DVD

Good Morning everyone.

Thursday this week we will be hopefully getting the chance to watch a Class DVD to end the term. The Class vote was ‘The Greatest Showman’, however, I am aware that this DVD is a PG. If you have any concerns or would like your child to not watch this film could you please contact myself or the school office.

Thanks, Miss Clough.

Class 3 Goal Commentary

Yesterday, I uploaded the videos of the children in Class 3 doing their Harry Kane goal commentary from England’s first match (just in time it would seem). I sent the links directly to parents so if anyone has not got their child’s, please do let me know.One of our personal highlights from this years world cup was MrMcGrath’s inspirational clip which was aimed at developing thechildren’s enthusiasm and performance to add interest to theirown commentary.
Although this was recorded for Class 3, it is just too good not toshare.



Butterfly 🦋 Homework

Thank you for all the lovely butterflies you have made. We will be showing them to each other and hanging them around our classroom and garden area over the next couple of days. If you haven’t brought your creation in yet please bring it in by the end of the week. Many Thanks 🦋

Class 1 Baptism

We had a wonderful time in church today baptising Daisy and Sam. Reverend Linda was fantastic explaining what everything meant as we went through the service. The children looked gorgeous and behaved nicely.