26th March Home Work

Hello everyone!

I hope all the kids are being helpful around the house as we are now onto day four!

For Maths, I would like the following word problems solved please.

(Please show each question in numbers and in pictures)

  1. I buy crisps for 35p and a drink for 62p. How much do they cost all together?
  2. John is 135 cm tall. Faye is 123 cm tall. How much taller is John than Faye?
  3. Tim has 60p. Jake has 25p more. How much money does Jake have?
  4. A football team scores 6 goals in the first half and 3 in the second half. How many goals did they score all together?
  5. An apple weighs 76 g, a banana weighs 54 g. What is the difference between the two weights?
  6. I buy a happy meal for £2.10. How much change do I get from £3.00?
  7. Liz had 65 sweets, she gave her sister 22. How many sweets did she have left?

For English, I would love to see a newspaper report about what is currently happening in the world.

They can create a headline, byline, introduction, body and conclusion. They should also use pictures which should have captions. The style of the paper is up to them.

For Science, please create a food chain out of something in your house. 

This could be made out of pictures, toys or homemade items. Be as creative as possible and try to include as many different parts to the chain as possible.

Please make sure we are reading daily!