30th June Home Work

Welcome to the final day of June!

Thirty days have September, April, June and November.. all the rest have 31!

(except for February)

English – Acting!

I would like you to act out the Twits playscript with someone in your household.

It is written below.

The Twits (Play script)


List of Characters (3):


Mr Twit

Mrs Twit


Scene Seven – The Wormy Spaghetti

(Lunchtime at the Twit’s dirty, grubby dinner table)




To get her revenge for the frog trick, Mrs Twit has dug up some wriggly garden worms and put them in Mr Twit’s lunchtime spaghetti.

Oh yes – She was going to enjoy this lunch.. Cheery music)


Mr Twit: (Yelling with shock) Hey, my spaghetti’s moving!


Mrs Twit (Smiling mischievously) It’s a new kind dear– It’s called Squiggly Spaghetti.

It’s delicious. Go on – eat it up while its nice and hot (takes a forkful of her own spaghetti)


Mr Twit: (Loudly talking with his mouth full) It’s not as good as the ordinary kind – It’s much too squishy. (a worm falls from his fork into his filthy beard)


Mrs Twit (Smiling cheerfully) I find it very tasty (takes another mouthful happily)


Mr Twit (Barking grumpily) No! No! I find it rather bitter – very bitter! Buy the other kind next time.


(More rhythmic music starts – building the suspense..dum dum dum dum..)


Narrator: It was giving Mrs twit such enormous pleasure watching her horrible husband eat worms she felt like she might burst on the spot!


Mrs Twit (Starting to shake and barely containing her laughter) So, do you want to know why your spaghetti was squishy?


Mr Twit (Wipes sauce from his beard with the tablecloth and looks suspicious) Why?!


Mrs Twit (screaming with laughter and rocking in her chair) Because it was worms you horrible old fool! (laughs so much falls off chair while Mr Twit splutters and makes horrible sickly groaning noises)




So…sometimes revenge is a dish best served warm – with worms!!

Scene end

Maths – Graphs

On bitesize this week we will be learning about data and graphs.


PE – Gymnastics

Create a gymnastic floor routine in your garden.

Add lots of different movements like roll, jump, handstand, crab.

Be safe, but do the best routine to your ability. Please write out your plan of your routine as well and send it to me!