Anti_bullying workshop

Me and the rest of class 4 did an anti_bullying workshop with 2 women. We split up into 2 groups one was for dancing ant he other for arts and crafts.i went in the dance one. First we got into partners I was with Alfie. First we modelled each other into any position we wanted.After that we made a cat_walk and put some music on and posed down it. Then we got back in are partners and we had to act something out so Alfi was upset and I had to go up to him and say something to make him happy then he had to smile but instead he pulled a funny face,he made laugh so hard.After that we switched groups so then I was in the arts and crafts group. First we got some paper and drawed a face and named it and wrecked it. Then we drew around are hands and decorated them,it was so cool. Then we coulered a strip of paper and then turned it into a kindness chain by addin everyone’s up the we showed the other group. I had loads of fun.