Hi everyone,

The children have had a really busy week and have worked so hard. I am super proud of them and so today we have had our movie treat and some free play this afternoon.

There is also NO HOMEWORK or SPELLINGS for the half term. I would like the children to enjoy the holidays and have a good break, ready for the last part of the term.

Thanks for all your support,
Miss Clough.

Year 2 Sex Education

Hi everyone,

A quick note about the sex education lessons. These will obviously all be age appropriate. In Year 2 this consists of basic hygiene and safety (eg. explaining that when using the toilets in school etc this should be done alone and without friends or groups at a time due to this being quite a private or personal place/time). We also clarify the specific names for certain body parts. This ensures that children are able to communicate if there is any problem, it keeps them safe and also equips them with the correct vocabulary. That is all that will be covered. We do not go into depth about anything else and in KS1 we do not cover any further aspects.

I hope that clears up any questions,
Thanks, Miss Clough.

Easter Holidays

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to wish you all a very happy Easter break.

The children have all worked so hard this half term so they have new spellings and some Maths to complete for homework but that is all.

Our book entries have now been sent off and the puppets we have been working on this half term are almost complete (we will continue with these when we return after the holidays).

I look forward to seeing you all when we return.

Thanks for your support as always.

Miss Clough.

Year 2 Author visit.

Year 2 were so lucky to get a visit from Steve Antony last Friday. We have been reading his books over this term and the kids have done some amazing written work based on his books. The visit has really helped the children gather ideas for their own stories which they will be writing over the next few weeks and entering into the bookfest competition as well as encourage and inspire so many of our young writers. It was an absolute pleasure to have him in. 

World Book Day 2019!

It was great to see so many children dressed in their Pyjamas for world book day yesterday. We had a day full of Reading and the older classes spent time sharing their own stories with the younger children which was lovely. We have been blown away by the story jars that the children have made as well. A massive well done to all the children who completed the task and to the parents for their support in doing so


Hi everyone,

There will be no homework menu going home this half term. Instead children will be getting weekly spellings, reading and/or Maths tasks to do. These will be given out on Friday and the children will have the following week to complete them.

I shall be taking homework books in every Thursday to mark and then sending them home again on the Friday with the next weeks tasks.

I hope this is all okay,

Many Thanks,

Miss Clough.

Half term homework.

Half term homework!

Children will do their spelling test tomorrow before the half term holidays and then will NOT be given spellings for the week off. They will have a Maths challenge card and a creative/English based task to complete. I will share a picture of these tomorrow on dojo but children will have these stuck in their homework books.

We will also be having a small Marble party tomorrow afternoon to celebrate filling the class jar. I have said children can bring a teddy into school and in the afternoon I will allow them some free time to enjoy the last day.

Have a lovely half term,
Miss Clough.