Spelling Test

Hi everyone,

Our spelling test will now take place on a Thursday due to a few things being swapped around on the timetable.

I will still try and take homework books in to check homework on a Wednesday but the actual spelling test will be done on a Thursday morning and new spellings will be given out at this time also.

Miss Clough

Remembrance Service 2019

This afternoon we went down to the church for our Remembrance service with Reverend Linda. It was such a lovely service where we remembered and payed respect to all the people who have died in service. The children sang and took part in the two minutes of silence, before placing their own Poppy (given to them by Reverend Linda) on the cross as they left. It was very moving and all children were extremely thoughtful and respectful.


Plastic Sucks


Following on from our work around ‘Plastic Sucks’ by Dougie Poynter we had a local volunteer come and visit us yesterday. Mark spoke to the children about the work he does in Shrewsbury and the importance of reducing or recycling the plastic that we are using. Mark spends his time fishing out plastic from the River Severn and is making it his mission to speak to school children about becoming activists and making a change (even if that is a small one).

Reading display

Thank you for all letting me know what book your children is reading. Our Bookflix display is now up and running. Every time the children move on to a new book I will update their reading pocket.





I was very impressed with choir today! They sang beautifully at the Harvest festival and have been working really hard during our Monday choir sessions. It is so great to see so many old and new faces!

Thank you all for your continued support!

Miss Clough.

Homework 26.9.19


To create a poster on the damage of our planet due to plastic. Children can research their own facts or use the information gained this week from our class text ‘Plastic Sucks’ by Dougie Poynter.

Clarinet lessons

Mrs White was teaching us all how to start playing the Clarinet this week. I can vouch for the children when they say it isn’t the easiest one to master! They all did a fabulous job and all managed to play a note or two. If you are interested in having you child bring the Clarinet home for extra practice that is no problem at all, as long as you sign the permission slip beforehand.


We have been continuing our work around Macbeth this week. Next week we will move on to look at Shakespeare’s description of the three witches and all children will have a go at writing their own detailed description. .



Group 1:

ambitious, infectious, fictitious, nutritious, repetitious, amphibious, curious, devious, notorious, obvious

Group 2:

disagree, disobey, mistake, mislead, circle, through

Challenge word: Screenager

All children now have a Spelling Shed log in stuck in their homework books and can do their spellings on Spelling Shed if they wish to.