Shrewsbury BookFest 2020

Following on from the huge success of our creative writing last year, we are very excited to have been chosen as one of 8 schools in Shropshire to be part of the Shropshire Bookfest 2020 shortlisting.  We have been given 10 different books to read and review, before choosing and championing one we feel should be added to this years shortlist for 9-11 year olds. There are 81 titles which have been sent to the organisers this year from different publishers, all wanting a place on our list. Our group of Year 6 children have until half term to read, discuss and choose our favourite book.

Shropshire Bookfest will announce the shortlist in the new year where all of our class will be able to read, review and vote for their favourite book. In April we will be attending The Big Boook Award ceremony at Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury with the authors of the shortlisted books where the winning book will be announced. We are hoping to share some our creative writing at the ceremony too.

Watch this space for further details …..

Past SATs papers

Morning everyone!

Please could we make a polite request that parents do not use any past papers with their children as we use them as part of our assessments throughout the year and want to be able to analyse areas we need to teach, booster or support your child with. We have started our assessment week this week and found several of the children had seen the past papers at home which means their performance cannot be a true reflection of their current individual ability.

If parents are wanting to support their children, there are plenty of books available to work on key skills in the shops or supporting their reading/spelling at home would be sufficient as the curriculum is still being taught.

Our wonderful, winning Maths Team


Huge congratulations to our Year 6 children who participated in Maths Challenge morning at Oswestry school yesterday. They worked together against other local schools in a series of math puzzles, conundrums and problems to take first place. We could not be more proud of them!


Y6 residential eta

We are on the coach heading home. What an amazing few days with laughter, giggles and memories a plenty! The children have been outstanding and all the staff and instructors have constantly commented on their behaviour, manners and enthusiasm for everything they were offered, experienced and fed!

We are on time and will be with you for the end of the day!

Raft building

The teams have been amazing – so many fabulous ideas and techniques! Everyone made it safely around the island and back in their final boat! Eating lunch before we head for the coach. 

Our final morning!

Morning all! We have just arrived at the sailing club for a morning of raft building. Children are all packed and ready for the coach later. Will send some pics of our final activity anon and let you know our eta once we are in the coach.