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I am the class 2 teacher

Games, games and more games…

This afternoon, as part of our toys topic, the class have been playing games from my childhood..don’t fall down, beetles, tiddlywinks. For their next homework project I have asked them to talk to their grown ups about games you used to play and (with your help) make up their own game. This could be their own version of snakes and ladders, top trumps, a dice game or anything their imaginations comes up with. They have had chance to discuss their ideas in school so will hopefully come home with a range of ideas. They can bring their projects to school after half term and we can try them out in school. Happy gaming everyone 👍🎲🎯🎰

Happy New Year

What a great first week back to the new term everyone. Thank you to all the children who have made a puppet they are fantastic! Don’t worry if you haven’t had chance to make one as we are learning about toys all this term and will be making some more in class too. We will be learning about the history of the Teddy Bear this week and the children will be meeting our class friend: Travelling Ted. Travelling Ted will be sent home with a different child each day with a diary to fill in about his adventures. If you should take any photos of his adventures, you can send them in a message to Dojos and I can print them out to go in his diary.

Design a school competition…

A competition sheet to design a school has been sent home with the children this week. All entries will be entered into a nation wide competition to win the opportunity to have their design made into a real Lego model! We will be also have a few small prizes for a chosen winner from each class. We hope you enjoy this task and ask if completed entries can be returned to no later than Friday 30th November, happy designing everyone! 👍

A great start to the year!


What a great start year one have had to the term and it has been lovely to get to know our new class.  If you have not joined us on Dojos already, please pop in and see me to get you connected,I have already posted numerous photos to keep everyone updated to what we have been getting up to in class (which has been a tremendous amount already).

Any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to ask.