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  1. Dear Eco champions,

    We all love to use paper in school, for art, work and more but when we do big writes we make mistakes so then we put that piece of paper in the bin instead of crossing or rubbing out. Yes, it doesn’t always look the best so maybe do it sometimes but think do you really need to?
    when we do art it looks bad if we cross out when we do it in pen, (top tip always do it in pencil then go over it it pen)
    overall we use scrap paper for most things then do the real thing and that’s really good. I think as a school we try not to waste paper and we do a great job with that but I just really hope we can save this planet and make it a better place!
    Poppy Year 5

  2. Hello, everyone my name is Bethany, and I am the year 6 school Counsellor. I am happy to have this opportunity to be a school councillor and I can’t wait to meet all of the other counsellors in this wonderful school. I am interested in riding, walking and animals. If anyone has a problem or any ideas I would be happy to listen to them.

  3. hello everyone there is a book called (Hubert Horatio a very fishy tale) i recommended this book for children that like small books with pictures in. I have enjoyed reading this book its very funny, thank u for reading this you can find this book in library in school. This book is by Lauren child

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