Book Film Trailer Homework

We have spoken to the children in class today about the homework. It is due in 02/03/20 after half term.

The task: To create a film trailer for one of our Bookfest books. The trailers must not be longer than 2 minutes in duration and be inspired by one of the 6 books we are reviewing. Films maybe sent to the office for us to download.You can complete the task individually or with a group of your friends.

There are plenty of film trailers to watch on the Shrewsbury Bookfest YouTube channel from previous years if you would like to see previous entries and winners.

At school we will watch all the entries and choose up to 3 film trailers to submit in the Bookfest Film Trailer Competition.

Judges will be look at:

  • Accuracy – film true to the story.
  • Creativity – shots, animation, angles etc.
  • Performance – how strong are the performances if any?
  • Does it draw you in? – does it make the audience want to read the book?

The winners will have their entry screened at eh Author’s Award Ceremony as well as put on the Shrewsbury Bookfest Website and YouTube channel. The author maybe there to watch it too!

Good luck and we cannot wait to see your creative entries!