School Council Meeting 19.4.18

The school council met last week to discuss some improvements we could make around school for the summer term. Our focus was playtimes, behaviour and kindness.

The school councilors will add their own blog post in more detail, but the topics we discussed were:

– lunchtime supervisors: how can we help them more and make their jobs easier?
– friendship stop: do we need a new one? What is available to buy?
– Worry boxes: how can we use these more regularly and more effectively?
– Time-out areas: could we have some stress relief toys in a box to help children calm down?
– Library garden: could we revamp this so that children could use it as an area to chill out?
– Be Kind box: a place for children and staff to put kind message in, or thank people for acts of kindness. Teachers will give these out at the end of each week.
– Kindness Monitors: the school council will take on this role

Look out for the school council blog posts, as you will be able to comment on them and put your own ideas forward.

Antarctica here we come!

we have now cast our crew and we have our Ernest Shackleton -Susie! we have all written our application letters and thankfully all of us have got through. Now we need a ship, so we are all creating in groups of 3s and 4s a radio advert for the Polaris (soon to be known as the Endurance.) We are also going to be writing diaries of our first looks at Antarctica, our first steps on the ice and our long journey to Antarctica.

math group with miss beard!!

Hello my name is Jasmine and I do math groups with Miss Beard along with a group of other people in Class 6.We do different problems every day including time and weight problems. Miss Beard makes them very fun and not at all boring!! I can not wait to go to the next one. Not everyone does the problems as Miss Beard likes to take different people at a time and not all at once. Miss Beard is AWSEOME and I would LOVE to thank her lots!! I hope you enjoy 2018!! thanks for reading this and bye!

Class 6’s 2018

This year (2018) Class 6 have had a great return from the Christmas holiday period, which we all enjoyed very much. We have been up to many things this year and I’m about to tell you about them. Firstly, Class 6,s teachers have been very kind to release a SAT booster club on Wednesdays from 3:30 to 4:30 and its actually quite good because not only is there a ten minute biscuit break where we get to chat to all our friends, we also get practice for the SAT’s and boost our knowledge so we will be prepared for when they come in May. Also, on Tuesday a few people from Class 6 and Class 5 went to an athletics competition and we came in an impressive 3rd place and during the competition we got a few first places. Class 6’s topic this year has been the Polar Expedition in 1914 where Ernest Shackleton led 68 other men to see what Antarctica was like. It’s not as bad as you might think though because we’ve done exciting things such as: making our own radio adverts, a diary entry and a persuasive letter. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog entry and hopefully you have more of an understanding of Class 6’s 2018 (so far).

Written by Jacob Class 6

class 6 2018 so far ;)

Sat booster have started for class 6 miss beard,miss kovach and miss hillage have spent their Wednesday with all students in class 6 doing maths English and spag

In P.E we have done gymnastics with Johnny fun fact he can lift josh j with his friend we were doing arm stands and Johnny cort josh and josh let go and pull up his t-shirt up it was so funny also in pe we have done rolls like the teddy bear roll and some other rolls

in our topic and English work we have been doing Ernest Shakleton and the trip to Antarctica we have been aside people and jobs to do on the ship I am Charles green the cook it is the job I really wanted so I am happy

good bye
from max

Athletics competition

Last Tuesday Baschurch entered an athletics competition at the Corbert school. First, we did smaller events like who can jump the highest, which I won, and others events like who can throw the ball furthest. Then we did the running races but it was difficult as we were in the Corbet sports hall so we had to run back and forth. we did single races and relay races. The end result was the boys came 3rd however so did the girls. We all did really well and had lots of fun.

By Josh L

baschurch basketball

today we did a basketball tournament there were two teams baschurch 1 and baschurch 2, on baschurch 1 there was Sophia, Abby, Max and JoshJ . on the other team was myself Sophie, Jacob, Declan and JoshR.sadly baschurch 1 came last ,and my team was one small point away to be the winners . with about 3 seconds left Saint Johns scored the winning goal!


every wave needs to be saved

Dear school
i am writing to tell you about our recent crisis in our great ocean because we been buying to many plastic bags and then dumping them away in our seas ….. this is not good because in a 90 day old chick there was 270 pieces of plastic and that is a lot . only 6 present of plastic is recycled out of 100 ! it must stop now and the change starts with us . would you like to live in a world full of rubbish ? Theysay in 2050 there will be more plastic than fish !!!!! some stupid other things are in the sea like foot balls , umbrellas an more terrible rubbish . WE NEED TO STOP!!!!!