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Gracie Class 5 Week 37

As I stared into the glimmering, crystal river I looked at my reflection, at my rainbow butterfly wings……my ears! I am the only elephant of my kind. I knew I was the only one but I went looking in the jungle.
One day I left my heard and went deeper than I had ever been before. I was marching through the jungle when……what was that? It was a tiger!
I ran as fast as I could my ears were waving and I started to fly! It was amazing! I drifted home! How ever I didn’t go looking again because I was proud!

Willoe 5 week 37

Deep in the enchanted jungle, there was a new born elephant called Mollie. When she was born there was a problem . She was born without ears . She was very sad and would cry herself to sleep . For five years she wished she had glittering and colourful ears. It became true . She had butterfly ears. She was thinking about what had she said “I said I wanted glittering and colourful ears … I got them!” She traipsed to her parents . She gasped because they had got the same ears.
Payton said “What a wonderful dream!” She dreamt of elephants with butterfly ears .

Adam ti C5 week 37

There was a rustle in the bush nearby and George was flicked into alert. George was not an ordinary elephant, he was incredibly glamorous, radiant and stunning because he had magnificent, enormous butterfly wings as ears! He peered towards the cherry bush. A glistening metal spearhead was pricked up above the bush, who was it?
Immediately George whipped around and was surrounded by dangerously armed humans. He flapped his ears in desperation and was miraculously lifted off the deserted plain and into the air! He hit a flying rock and plummeted towards a lake, his butterfly ears were washed off!

Lauren, Class 5, Week 37

A very long time ago, in a magical land,an elephant called Kiera was watching tv in Africa.
Kiera always dreamt of getting her own pair of Dumbo wings, but bigger and better, more exotic.
On one perfectly normal day, something extraordinary happened to her, but what? I hear you cry.
Well, Kiera was walking across the African plains and noticed a change in herself. . .
All of a sudden Kiera’s wishes came true. She had colossal, bold, bright ears, ears that looked like a butterfly.
Kiera was ecstatic, overjoyed, delighted, her ears were rainbows. . .
This was all she ever wanted, YAY!

Adam Tu c5 week37

Long long ago there lived Fred the Elephant. He had stunning, gleaming buttifly ears, he was humongous and extreamly excited.

However he had a problem! He was the only buttifly Elephant that lived around him so as soon as possible he set off to find some.

He was on a journey through the towering jungle. On his way he felt very lonley and missed all his friends.

What was that he heard? Curious he went to check it out and it was incredible, it was an Elephant family! They had ears like him. They all lived together from then on!

Imogen class5 week 37

Long long ago there lived truely colourful elephants called the Butterphants. But once one of the Butterphants plodded away from the herd. For some reason he decided to walk by a muddy rotting mud bath SPLASH! He had accidentally fallen in the mud bath, once he out he stank! After that had all dried up all of his colours had disappeared apart from his beautiful colourful ears. The colour on his ears stayed there for a few years and he was very proud of them until one miserable wet day the colour floated away and that is how the elephants became grey.

Nicole c5 week 37

“It’s my birthday” shouted Luke. Luke was a spoilt little boy and got every thing he wanted.
“What would you like for your birthday?” Asked his mum.
“I want a elephant with butterfly ears!” Roared Luke. So off she went searching for his present but she couldn’t friend one at all. ” I want my present now” demanded Luke.
” I haven’t got it, I’ll go know ” muttered his mother and she ran out the door. “I’ve got a idea I’ll lend a elephant from the zoo” so she did and painted the elephans ears and he had the very best birthday ever!

Jack.d. Class 5 week 37

In Africa there was a man who was strolling through the lush green grass. He was trying to get pictures of a very special elephant. The man went home and put all of the photographtes on the wall. Fifty years later he was remembering about the special elephant the man was thinking in the evening one time he was thinking about the elephant is he ok he thought to himself when I next go to see the elephant I will tak more pictures of him so I can rember him when he his older after that day I never saw him again.

Charlie,week 37,class 5

Alfie was always very ecstatic about his delightful colours,his ears were a rich orange with green stripes that gleaned beautifully in the light.One day with the baking sun Alfie,while having a walk, got a glimpse of a little,bright red poster, he swiftly shuffled toward the sheet of paper. It said in little red letters festival tomorrow.

The next beautiful day with the lush green grass Alfie finally arrived at the festival, paint was thrown recklessly at him. Suddenly Alfie fell into a river he turned grey but he realised he had paint on him but he liked the colour grey.