New digital leaders

Hi! Im Issy and I am your new digital leader. I am really happy to help children blog. I am a happy, kind girl who always helps and i never give up. I am 9 years old and i have 5 friends. 2 of them are digital leaders. i am always happy to help any class blog. That is pretty much all about me. Hope you enjoy!

Digital leaders

Hi, were Lucy and Alanna.

we are 2 of this year’s digital leaders and we are very happy to have this job.This is a perfect job for us because we love to teach others all about i.t. .We can help any person if they are stuck or help the younger pupils to type their blog.we both love to help people even adults if they are stuck.

thank you for choosing us to be this year’s digital leader

Digital Leaders 2017-18

I would like to thank everyone who applied to be a Digital Leader this year. You made my decision very difficult and I’m sorry that everyone couldn’t be chosen. I have met with our new digital leaders and will be having our first official meeting today. Stay tuned to find out more information about our new Digital Leaders.

Mrs H

Digital Leaders

Over the next few weeks I will be searching for this year’s Digital Leaders. If you enjoy different aspects of computing and are interested in becoming a digital leader please talk to Mrs Hillidge for more information.