Our plant sale raised £120!!

A huge thank you for your donations and for coming and buying something from our stall. We have raised £120 and will use this to buy litter pickers, recycling bins and gardening tools. WELL DONE ECO-CHAMPIONS!

Year One ‘Save our sea creatures.

In English we have been learning about the effects of pollution on sea creatures and writing a report about unhealthy oceans. The children have collected some thought provoking vocabulary and have been very keen discuss their ideas about we can help. Already we have started collecting crisp packet for recycling and planning to make sure all our homework projects are to be made from recycled materials.

Lyla’s Ideas

Lyla from Reception says
“I have been litter picking in the alleyway by myself after I saw lots of litter there. It is bad for the animals. They could hurt themselves”

Lyla thinks a good way to use less energy in school is to have a light monitor to switch lights off when children are outside.

We need a bin on the bark area

If your bubble is playing on the bark area, you can’t go onto the playground to put rubbish in the bin. We think we need a bin on the bark area please as there are wrappers everywhere. What do you think?  From Chloe and Lily

How to make- bird feeders!

Eco Friendly Bird Feeders

What you will need:
*carboard roll
*any seeds you have

1. Put your cardboard roll on a tray and smear butter/lard over it.

2. Next, roll it in seeds and if it doesn’t stick that well you can always put some on by hand.

3. Lastly, hang your new bird feeder (using string or twine) somewhere outside for all the birds to enjoy!

Year 3 eco-champion praised by parish council

Fabulous Chloe received a thank you letter this week from Baschurch Parish Council. She has been busy litter picking around the village in her spare time. Thank-you, Chloe for your hard work and being such a good role-model for the school.

If you want to do this or something similar, ask Chloe about how she did it safely – comment below. You mustn’t go out alone and you mustn’t touch other people’s rubbish with your hands due to covid.

Environmental Review results – Mrs W

Thank you for completing the environmental review with your class. Now that we are all back in school, we can look at working on some of the areas you identified. I will summarise the results below.

These are the main issues that we can start to try and improve at our school:

too many devices are left on standby, like computer monitors, laptops and plugs;
we don’t use any renewable sources of energy, like solar or wind;
we don’t take part in any national energy saving initiatives.

we don’t ban straws, balloons or single use plastic at school.

not enough children walk to school;
we don’t have a safe crossing point, such as a zebra crossing.

we could make better use of the compost bins;
teachers use too much paper and laminate too much;
we could recycle much more of our rubbish.

Healthy Living:
we need to grow more of our own fruit and vegetables.

We encourage wild flowers, bees and insects? Do we have a wild flower area?

Which are the most important things to work on?
Have you got any ideas? Write them in the comments!

Anyone in the school can comment please and let the ECO-CHAMPIONS know!