School Council Meeting 19.4.18

The school council met last week to discuss some improvements we could make around school for the summer term. Our focus was playtimes, behaviour and kindness.

The school councilors will add their own blog post in more detail, but the topics we discussed were:

– lunchtime supervisors: how can we help them more and make their jobs easier?
– friendship stop: do we need a new one? What is available to buy?
– Worry boxes: how can we use these more regularly and more effectively?
– Time-out areas: could we have some stress relief toys in a box to help children calm down?
– Library garden: could we revamp this so that children could use it as an area to chill out?
– Be Kind box: a place for children and staff to put kind message in, or thank people for acts of kindness. Teachers will give these out at the end of each week.
– Kindness Monitors: the school council will take on this role

Look out for the school council blog posts, as you will be able to comment on them and put your own ideas forward.

Do you want to be on the School Council this year?

Have you got what it takes? We need 2 children from each class who are happy to work with teachers and governors on our council. Are you someone who can listen to their classmates and feedback their ideas to the staff?  Are you someone who has lots of ideas of your own that could help our school get better and better?

If you would like to be a school councillor, please make a poster or write a small speech to let us know what qualities you have to bring to this role. Your class will vote for you this week.

Green house 18.11.16

It has come to our notice that the greenhouse that several people have been coming into the greenhouse and ruining the gardening clubs hard work. We would like to remind them to please do not come in the greenhouse or any of the areas around the greenhouse.

If you would like to use the greenhouse you must be with Mr Lewis, Miss Jones or be part of gardening club.

School council- 18.11.16 Emily d

Football- girl’s football is now on Mondays. Also, ks1 will have football at break, as they seem to be enjoying it. On ks2 break, there will also be basketball.

Greenhouse- There will continue to be greenhouse, although an adult should be supervising when getting tools. Only class 6 can now do greenhouse. You shouldn’t go inside without permission and We will try to get a fence for it.

Mornings- in the mornings, don’t mess around walking around the school. Either play outside or go into class. We will try to get a prefect/monitor to make sure this does not happen by writing names down. If you get your name written down three times, you will get reported.

Anti-bullying week- we will collect all of the school’s work from this week and put it on a display. We will put the display where the attingham park display is. If you know a better place, please get back to us.

Art in class 6

Today in class 6 we did some art with our TA Mrs Beard. It was so fun and we had to draw objects in 3D and had to do a lot of detail like shading in where the shadows are and not to draw what you think but to draw what you see. I really enjoyed Tunis leas on and I hope we can do it again soon.