Week 11

Week 11

Hello again everyone and welcome to week 11. An extra big well done to all those who sent in solutions to my maths problem. I had to reward A LOT of Dojos for quite a few of you ( I’m still waiting on some totals to find out the winners but there were several of you who found 50+ solutions!) If you are up for another challenge: how many words can you find with the sound ‘oa’ in? Again Dojos and a prize available to be rewarded in September for the most answers!

Here are some activity ideas for this week:

Maths & English: Worksheet activities;

Or for Miss Browne’s English:

Your sounds this week are: ow, oa and o-e.

D&T / Art: Can you design a mascot for the Commonwealth games (Birmingham 2022)? Here’s what you need to do to enter the competition:

History: Find out about how seaside holidays have changed over time, what was it like to go to the seaside in Victorian times?

PHSE: Healthy eating. Here comes another challenge! Can you find the name a fruit or vegetable for every letter of the alphabet? E.g. A= apple, B= banana…

Computing: Choose from some of these clip to find out more about a range of computing skill:

Happy home / school learning everyone and don’t forget to send me all your challenge solutions to receive your well earned Dojos ! 🌈👍☀️🌱😄

Important information re. holidays this term

Dear parents and carers,

We have had a few people let us know that they are taking a family holiday before we break up from school this term.  For the children that are currently in school with us, there won’t be any penalty for doing this. However, you will not be able to bring your child back into school into one of our bubbles when you return from holiday. Despite the fact that there have been some easing of regulations and to isolating rules following travel abroad, we are not prepared to take the risk of someone re-entering school having been to a different country, or indeed a different part of this country. We hope you understand the reasoning behind this and will support us with this decision. It would not be fair to the school staff or the rest of the children in the bubble to introduce this risk so near to the end of term.

Please also be aware that if you are not adhering to the government distancing regulations out of school, we have the right to ask that your child does not attend school at this time. We have had several children tell us about sleepovers, going in each other’s paddling pools, parties and suchlike. We know that these could be within the guidelines: maximum of 6 people from a maximum of two households, keeping 2m distance at all times, or with a newly formed ‘support bubble’. However, we must ask you to be very honest and not send your child to school please if you think you have operated outside of these rules.

Thank you very much for your support. Everything is going really well at school and we are looking forward to getting everyone safely to the end of term.

Week 10

Week 10

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and stayed safe in the sun last week? Looks like it should be a bit cooler this week. For week 10 I’d like to set you all a bit of a number challenge: how many ways can you make 20? You could add more than 2 numbers or even try taking away to find more possible solutions. I have a few prizes for the winners to receive when we all return in September and everyone who takes part will earn one dojo for every solution they find (find 50 solutions for 50 Dojos)!

Here are some other home school tasks you may like to try too:

Maths/ English: Your worksheet based tasks can be downloaded here:


Or for Miss Browne’s English about instructions, here’s the link:


Sounds for this week are oi and oy.

You may also like to practise your handwriting with these worksheets:


Science: What types of food do animals eat? Watch this video and then try the quiz to see what you have learned:


D&T / Art: Can you create something to go in our outdoor area? You may like to decorate a rocks / make a mobile to hang in forest school / a wind chime / paint a plant pot / make a scarecrow. What ever you wish but the only requirement is that it should be colourful. You can bring your creation in with you next time you are back in school.

PE: This week I’d like you to practise your trowing and catching skill. Try out some of the challenges from this video:

Happy home / school learning everyone, keep smiling and well done for all your hard work 👍🌈😄