Important information re. holidays this term

Dear parents and carers,

We have had a few people let us know that they are taking a family holiday before we break up from school this term.  For the children that are currently in school with us, there won’t be any penalty for doing this. However, you will not be able to bring your child back into school into one of our bubbles when you return from holiday. Despite the fact that there have been some easing of regulations and to isolating rules following travel abroad, we are not prepared to take the risk of someone re-entering school having been to a different country, or indeed a different part of this country. We hope you understand the reasoning behind this and will support us with this decision. It would not be fair to the school staff or the rest of the children in the bubble to introduce this risk so near to the end of term.

Please also be aware that if you are not adhering to the government distancing regulations out of school, we have the right to ask that your child does not attend school at this time. We have had several children tell us about sleepovers, going in each other’s paddling pools, parties and suchlike. We know that these could be within the guidelines: maximum of 6 people from a maximum of two households, keeping 2m distance at all times, or with a newly formed ‘support bubble’. However, we must ask you to be very honest and not send your child to school please if you think you have operated outside of these rules.

Thank you very much for your support. Everything is going really well at school and we are looking forward to getting everyone safely to the end of term.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Wider opening of school from 8th June

Dear parents and carers,
The governors of the school have agreed that the school will be ready for wider opening from Monday 8th June. We are still waiting for the risk assessment to be signed off by the local authority but don’t anticipate that this will cause any further delay.
Monday 1st June – school open daily to keyworker children who have pre-booked                                        from 8:30am
Monday 8th June – school open to reception children 9:15-12:00 Monday, Tuesday,                                      Thursday, Friday
Monday  15th June – school open to year 1 children 9:00-12:15 Monday, Tuesday,                                        Thursday, Friday
Urgent Action: please dojo your class teacher if your child will be returning on the 8th (reception) or 15th (year 1)
We are now in a position where we need to collect more definite numbers as to which children will be returning to school when we partially reopen.  Please send your child’s class teacher a message on dojo indicating whether you will or will not be sending your child back to school on these dates. It would be helpful to know as soon as possible but certainly by Sunday 31st May as we will be training staff in school on Monday 1st . As stated in the letter you can change your mind at a later date. Once we have your response, we will be able to start preparing groups and bubbles for your children to be placed in.
Thank you very much for your co-operation.

Proposed re-opening of the school – Draft plan

Dear parents and carers,

I know you must all be wondering what the next step will be for our schools to help you plan your own routines at home. There has been a huge amount of speculation, followed by so many documents from the DFE and LA. There are many more updates and documents on their way next week. We do not want to make plans only to have to undo them, so what I propose is a draft plan which we will adapt once we have all the advice and guidance. We need to audit all the staff and survey the parents properly to ascertain attendance numbers in the first instance.
We plan to take the return to school as safely as possible.  Our local authority have asked us to create teaching groups of 8-10 pupils, integrating them slowly, beginning with the youngest. These groups would not be able to mix with any other during their time in school.
We plan to begin with Reception children, mornings only for the first week. If this is manageable, we will integrate year one, mornings only the following week. This will then be reviewed and depending on numbers of children in school and staff available, we may be able to introduce year 6. Potentially we need three teaching spaces for each year group, so it really is not possible to say yet. Our teaching days will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
We will still look after the children of key workers in a separate room in the school so that there is no cross-contamination. This will still be 5 days a week 8:30 until 4:30
The rest of the school will be closed on Wednesdays to allow for teachers PPA and for a deep clean of the school.
We are hoping to welcome our year 6 back and are in talks with the Corbet about transition days for our year 6 on their premises as well.  It is hopefully useful for families to know that year 6s may not return to school until end of June at the earliest.
Teachers will continue to provide home-learning activities for the children at home, and this will be the same work that they complete with the children in school. The teachers will have chance to respond on Wednesdays or on some afternoons if they are not looking after keyworkers children.
We will pass on firm dates and details as soon as we are able to do so. Thank you for your patience and understanding.