What an amazing day!

Wow, we have had a brilliant day today.

Hoola Nation have been in and taken each class in turn for a hoola hooping challenge. I have been blown away by the children’s determination and skills. We even had some teachers who were very proud of themselves!

The Friends paid for 2 fabulous musicians to come in today as well. String Beats performed for us all and we were all absolutely amazing by the beat-boxing. To see all the children so engaged and happy was an absolute delight for us all.


Half marathon mile 2 completed!

A huge well done to the children for running their mile so enthusiastically today. Last week it was pouring with rain and today the ground was covered in ice and snow but the children were so keen and happy, it made us very proud.

A big thank you to the 5 parents who braved the cold to run the mile with us today. We really appreciated you being there and its very encouraging for the children to see the grown ups getting involved.

Pupil initiative

I love it when children come to me with new ideas. I received this ‘Business Plan’ from two girls in class 6 yesterday. They spotted that the younger children don’t have as many sports clubs to attend, so they bhave offered to run one at lunchtimes for classes 1 and 2 children. What a great idea, girls. EC75BDE8-21C9-4BB8-8995-7FE3BA749D00

Autumn hedgehogs

It always makes my day when children come to show me their work. One of our children had a very busy morning collecting autumn goodies today in the forest school area. She produced 2 beautiful hedgehogs which she proudly came to show me.


year 6 science

There was a lot of excitement coming from class 6 yesterday afternoon, so I couldn’t resist going to have a peek. The children were learning about the heart and blood, and those who wanted to, could have a look at the chambers of a real heart. It was fascinating. Mrs Kovach then made ‘blood’ using food colouring, cheerios and marshmallows, which was really creative and certainly helped the children to understand what our blood is made of and it’s various functions.

blood 5


Harvest Festival

I was really impressed with the thoughtfulness of the children leading up to this year’s harvest. After listening to Mrs Renee’s assembly explaining what MacMillan nurses do and why it is so important to her, the children thought carefully about how they could help her further with her charity work. A big thank you to Max, who had the idea to present Mrs Renee with some flowers to recognise how much she does for MacMillan. We raised a brilliant £140 today, so well done.

Shakespeare Rocks!

I was blown away by class 5 and 6’s performances of Shakespeare Rocks this week. They ALL put so much passion and enthusiasm into it and it really shone through last night. We had so many positive comments from parents about how much their children had enjoyed practicing for the show, as well as the performance itself. I’m really proud of them all.