Year 5 – Dewa Trip

We’ve had a fabulous time in Chester today. Children got the chance to go on a march with a Roman solider this morning and then spent the afternoon in the museum looking at old ancient ruins/artefacts. Their Roman numeral knowledge and Latin was put to the test and our recent history work in school meant the children were engaged and knowledgeable about the Roman period!

Clarinet lessons

Mrs White was teaching us all how to start playing the Clarinet this week. I can vouch for the children when they say it isn’t the easiest one to master! They all did a fabulous job and all managed to play a note or two. If you are interested in having you child bring the Clarinet home for extra practice that is no problem at all, as long as you sign the permission slip beforehand.

Our Author Visit

We were joined in class by the author Jo Cotterill today. She was here as part of our work with Shrewsbury Bookfest. The children will be writing and creating their own books which will be sent as art of a larger competition with other schools.

To support their writing and as inspiration, we all took part in a workshop where Jo was able to share her top tips and give us some ideas for our own stories. She was fantastic and all the children enjoyed being part of our day. Jo was so impressed with their ideas, writing and the work many of them had completed to show her. Well done team!