This week…

We have been learning about our bodies and how to keep safe. We have also    found out about what we can do to look after our planet.

A couple of reminders:

-children no longer need to bring a morning snack with them as we provide one.

– homework folders need to be returned on Thursdays

– can you please check all jumpers and cardigans are named

Many thanks 🌈

Week 7

Week 7

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. The weather has changed and we’ve had quite a bit of much needed rain…hopefully this has helped all the wonderful plants you’ve been growing in your gardens? I will be in school this week working with my new reception ‘bubble’. Hopefully these tasks will keep you engaged this week:

English & Maths worksheets for this week:

Visit BBC bite size for additional activities and tasks:

If you wish to continue doing your English with Miss Browne instead, please find this week’s lessons at the bottom of the webpage:

Topic / science : Plastic Pollution. Can you find out about how plastic pollution is effecting our seas and oceans? Can you made a poster about how to help protect endangered sea creatures?

Forest school: Can you find the answers to these riddles whilst going for a walk or playing in your garden?

Art: If you haven’t done so already, can you make a rainbow ? E.g.

Have any or your bean plants that were sent home with you survived? Mine unfortunately haven’t but my sunflowers are growing nicely, my tallest one is 53cm and my smallest one is 15cm. How tall are the plants you’ve started to grow at home? Can you write the measurements down in a note book then you can measure them again next week and see how much they’ve grown?
Looking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to. Happy home learning everyone. Stay safe 🌈😄👍🌱🌻

Summer week 3

Week 3

Good morning all. I hope you all had a lovely weekend? Again a big thank you for all those lovely pictures and messages you’ve sent me, it has been great to see what you’ve been doing. Here is some guidance for this week:


Here is the link for your English lessons for this week about St George and the dragon:

Your sounds for this week are: ow, oa and o-e (don’t forget to collect words with these sounds to earn yourself a dojo.


This week’s maths can be found using this link:

Topic / Geography / D&T
Jump aboard Captain Carrots ship to explore the world and collect treasure:

You may want to have a go at making you own treasure chest? Find an old box or cereal box and decorate it to look like a treasure chest and fill it with your treasure (you could make your own coins out of tin foil).

What does a plant need to grow?
Have you been growing any plants in your garden? Send some pictures of them and we can compare what we are growing.

PE: Many of you have loved the cosmic kids videos so you may want to try out this pirate themed one:

Happy home learning for week 3.

Summer Term week 2

Summer Term Week 2

Well done for all your hard work last week and thank you for sending me pictures of your lovely work, I had great fun reading your instructions to make a disgusting sandwich and your aquariums were amazing ( don’t worry if you didn’t finish yours, you can do it whenever you’ve got time). Here’s some guidance for week 2:


Monday: Kate in London:

Tuesday: To commit a story to memory:

Wednesday: To use capital letters for proper nouns:

Thursday: To begin to write our story:

Friday: To continue to write our story:

Keep watching the Ruth Miskin Read Write Inc phonics videos too.


All this week’s maths activities can be found using the following link:

Monday: Find a half
Tuesday: Find a quarter (part 1)
Wednesday: Find a quarter (part 2)
Thursday: Problem solving
Friday: Maths challenge

Topic / Art: continue working on your aquariums. If you have finish you may like to try out some drawing videos draw some under the sea creatures:


Find out about our world’s oceans:

Can you identify them? :

This half term theme is plants.

Can you sequence these to show how a plant grows? :

Here is an additional activity you could do whilst you are out for a walk or in the garden: plant and flower spotter

You may want to try out this dance activity to do inside as the weather is not looking as cheery this week:

…and don’t forget to record how far you’ve walked / cycled each day for Mr McGrath’s lock down distance challenge. Year one have recorded an epic 104 miles so far, a huge well done (let’s see if we can add more to the total this week).

Happy home learning everyone 👍😄

Summer Term Week One

Summer Term Week 1

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your Easter break and are all keeping safe and well? It has been over four weeks since I’ve seen you and missing you all very much!! Here is some guidance for home learning tasks for this week for you to follow if you can.

The theme for this term will be ‘Under the Sea’ and our Art / D&T, History and Geography will be based around this topic.

Topic: Can you design and make an aquarium out of a cardboard box and other items you have at home (a shoe box is ideal but not essential). I shall find and post some example pictures to give you ideas later on. You may also like to read the story of Starry Eyed Stan and talk about the message of friendship.

Phonics: This weeks phonics sounds are ay (may I play?), ai (snail in the rain) and a-e (make a cake) and again all those children who send me a list of collected words with these sounds will receive Dojos. You can also continue to watch the Ruth Miskin online videos to revise sounds learnt so far.

Monday: Sam’s sandwich:

Tuesday: Instructions: to commit a set of instructions to memory:

Wednesday: Instructions: to use the conjunction and:

Thursday: Instructions: to write a set of instructions

Friday: Instructions: to continue to write instructions


All this week’s maths activities can be found using the following link:

Monday: Making doubles
Tuesday: Making equal groups (grouping)
Wednesday: Making equal groups (sharing)
Thursday: Finding half
Friday: Maths challenge

PE: Under the sea yoga:

Any pictures of the work your children do can be recorded on their dojo story if you send them to me in a message. Any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask! Keep in touch and stay safe

Home school tasks.

For all those children who can not make it into school here are some activities you can do at home:

Science: Bug hunt: what can you find in the garden? Can you draw sketches of any insects you’ve found? Where do they live? Can you find out what they are callled? Can you make a poster about what you have found out or a chart?

Maths: Money: How much are different coins worth? Can you make a play shop? How many different ways can you make 20p or 50p?

Phonics: how many different words can you find with this week’s sound: a-e (same, make, skate…)

English: Can you collect rhyming words and use then to write a funny poem (we have been reading Dr Seuss books in class to help us with our ideas).

RE: Can you make an Easter garden? Decorate an egg? Or make Easter nests (cornflake cakes).

PE: Try folllowing some cosmic kids videos on uk tube (we really enjoy them in class)

Topic: Can you find out about a game played in a different country? Is it similar/ different to any games you play? ( Australia have a great version of noughts and crosses if you get stuck).

If you want to photograph and share the work you have done, please send it to me through the Dojo messaging system. I am really keen to see what you get up to !

Onlline activities: twinkl and classroom secrets ( amoungst many others) are now free for a limited time so please explore what they have to offfer to support learning from home.

Any questions or queries please feel free to message me on Dojos and I’ll do my best to help you 😄






A busy week in year one with our play rehearsals and assessments! I have not sent homework folders out today as I have a new homework project to be done over the next two weeks and the holiday. Our topic for spring term is ‘toys’ and we will make our role play corner into a puppet theatre. So it would be lovely if the children could have a go at making their own puppet for a homework task and bring them in for next term. They could make a sock/glove puppet, cardboard and lollipop stick puppet or whatever their imaginations come up with. My only request is that they are not Christmas related. Any questions just ask 👍

Reading books

All children have been given a school reading book and record to take home with them. We check and change the books on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays. We now have a special reading at home dojo that the children received each time the reading they have done at home is recorded in their yellow book. If you could also please give a tick in the yellow reading records to let us know that a new book is needed. Many thanks 😄👍

Half term homework.

Half term homework!

Children will do their spelling test tomorrow before the half term holidays and then will NOT be given spellings for the week off. They will have a Maths challenge card and a creative/English based task to complete. I will share a picture of these tomorrow on dojo but children will have these stuck in their homework books.

We will also be having a small Marble party tomorrow afternoon to celebrate filling the class jar. I have said children can bring a teddy into school and in the afternoon I will allow them some free time to enjoy the last day.

Have a lovely half term,
Miss Clough.