Week 12

Week 12

Congratulations for reaching your final week of year one! A huge well done and thank you to everyone this year, you have all been amazing and I will really miss you being in my class. You have all come so far since I met you in September and achieved so much, I am SUPER proud of you!!!! It has been the most unusual year and your resilience, perseverance and determination has never ceased to astound me. I wish you all a very happy holiday and look forward to seeing you all safely return in September. For all of our home learners who would like to take their school books home, I will be putting a red box in the office this week for you to come and collect them. Your books have been put into plastic bags with your names on so feel free to pop in and take them during the week.

Here are some ideas to keep you going for your last few days of school / home learning:

For Maths this week it would be great if you could practice to tell the time, here’s a link to get you started:


For English you may like to think about the memories you have made in year one. Think about all the fun things you’ve done e.g. The Christmas play, a trip to wonderland, making board games, trying Mexican food, playing with toys from the past…. Which was your favourite? What is your best memory? Have you made a new friend this year?


PE: As we have unfortunately had no opportunity for sports day this year, you may like to make up your own races and activities to do with your family e.g. a walking race balancing a book on your head, egg and spoon race, pillow case / sack race, target throwing… You could even make some 1st , 2nd & 3rd place badges to award the winners!

D&T: Can you plan and make a packed lunch to take to the seaside? What would be your favourite items to include? Do you have a selection of healthy food included. Don’t forget to include a drink. How will you store your food so you don’t get sand in it? Can you write a shopping list of what you need? Check the weather forecast so you can choose appropriate food (you wouldn’t want to take a flask of hot chocolate if it’s going to be hot and sunny).

Science: Faster, further, higher…Watch the videos the see if you can make your own paper plane or rocket mouse!


Have fun with your final week’s activities and don’t forget to send me pictures of what you’ve been doing. The sunshine is due to be shining on us this week and fingers crossed it will continue for your summer holidays! I wish you all a very happy summer and thank you, once again for being a fabulous year one class! Have fun. Stay safe ☀️🌈❤️👍

Week 11

Week 11

Hello again everyone and welcome to week 11. An extra big well done to all those who sent in solutions to my maths problem. I had to reward A LOT of Dojos for quite a few of you ( I’m still waiting on some totals to find out the winners but there were several of you who found 50+ solutions!) If you are up for another challenge: how many words can you find with the sound ‘oa’ in? Again Dojos and a prize available to be rewarded in September for the most answers!

Here are some activity ideas for this week:

Maths & English: Worksheet activities;

Or for Miss Browne’s English:

Your sounds this week are: ow, oa and o-e.

D&T / Art: Can you design a mascot for the Commonwealth games (Birmingham 2022)? Here’s what you need to do to enter the competition:

History: Find out about how seaside holidays have changed over time, what was it like to go to the seaside in Victorian times?

PHSE: Healthy eating. Here comes another challenge! Can you find the name a fruit or vegetable for every letter of the alphabet? E.g. A= apple, B= banana…

Computing: Choose from some of these clip to find out more about a range of computing skill:

Happy home / school learning everyone and don’t forget to send me all your challenge solutions to receive your well earned Dojos ! 🌈👍☀️🌱😄

Week 10

Week 10

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and stayed safe in the sun last week? Looks like it should be a bit cooler this week. For week 10 I’d like to set you all a bit of a number challenge: how many ways can you make 20? You could add more than 2 numbers or even try taking away to find more possible solutions. I have a few prizes for the winners to receive when we all return in September and everyone who takes part will earn one dojo for every solution they find (find 50 solutions for 50 Dojos)!

Here are some other home school tasks you may like to try too:

Maths/ English: Your worksheet based tasks can be downloaded here:


Or for Miss Browne’s English about instructions, here’s the link:


Sounds for this week are oi and oy.

You may also like to practise your handwriting with these worksheets:


Science: What types of food do animals eat? Watch this video and then try the quiz to see what you have learned:


D&T / Art: Can you create something to go in our outdoor area? You may like to decorate a rocks / make a mobile to hang in forest school / a wind chime / paint a plant pot / make a scarecrow. What ever you wish but the only requirement is that it should be colourful. You can bring your creation in with you next time you are back in school.

PE: This week I’d like you to practise your trowing and catching skill. Try out some of the challenges from this video:

Happy home / school learning everyone, keep smiling and well done for all your hard work 👍🌈😄

Week 9

Week 9

Well done for reaching week 9 and we’ll done for all your hard work. Only 4 weeks left to go! It looks like the weather is improving this week so you could try to do some of your home learning outside again. Here are some suggestions for this week:

English &Maths worksheets: week 9’s works can be found here;


Again, teaching videos to support the maths can be found on the white rose website.

Still working this Miss Browne? You can follow her lessons with this link to learn for about information text (starting from lesson 6: listening to an information text):


Our sounds this week are ay, ai & a-e.

D&T and Forest school: Can you design and make your own bird feeder? Try and use recycled materials like a plastic bottle. You can then hang it up and see it gets any visitors. You could make a tally chart to record what birds visit your garden.

Computing : You have all used sketch pad in school before so I thought you may want to use it again and this time create your own under the sea scene;


Geography: Where in the world is Antarctica? What can you find out about it? Watch these clips to find out more (you may want to make a poster about what you found out):


PSHE: Who is in my bubble? If you have returned to school or not this activity sheet can help to to discuss how life is very different for us all right now. You may want to talk about any worries or concerns your child has about current restrictions.


Thank you again for your messages, it’s great to see how you are getting on and your wonderful smiling faces. Missing you all very much! Happy home or school learning everyone. Stay safe 🌈👍❤️☀️🌱

Week 8

Week 8

Welcome to week 8 and welcome back to those children who are returning to school this week. Miss Clough and Mrs Darlow are very much looking forward to seeing you! Don’t worry if you are not returning to school this week, I will be here for you to support you through this week’s home learning tasks if you need any help. Thank you for all your brilliant pictures again this week, I really enjoy receiving them and seeing what you’ve been up to. Here are your learning task ideas for this week:

Maths & English: please find this week’s tasks at classroom secrets;

There are starter power points to go with the maths sheets on the white rose website if you should need a little help with them:

Or if you wish to continue with Miss Browne’s online English


Topic: The Rainbow Fish, read the story and then see if you can retell the story to someone else. Can you make your own Rainbow fish? Can you find out about any colourful fish that live in coral reefs? What are coral reefs and why are they important?

Science: What are fish? Watch the video and then test your knowledge with the activity and quiz:


Art: Can you make a Father’s Day card for this Sunday or a card for someone else very special to you?

PE: How about a PE lesson with Marcus Rashford ? (sorry Liverpool fans)


So how are your plants getting on? I know Frankie’s sunflowers are nearly as tall as her and Lila’s radishes have already been eaten! Anything growing yet in Caelan’s new vegetable plot? Has your pond got any plants growing in it yet Kieran? What flowers can you see in your garden or on your walks that are new? Have you seen any wildlife or been feeding the birds? Look forward to hearing from you. Stay safe and happy home or school learning everyone 🌱🌻🥕🌈😄

Week 7

Week 7

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. The weather has changed and we’ve had quite a bit of much needed rain…hopefully this has helped all the wonderful plants you’ve been growing in your gardens? I will be in school this week working with my new reception ‘bubble’. Hopefully these tasks will keep you engaged this week:

English & Maths worksheets for this week:


Visit BBC bite size for additional activities and tasks: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/levels/z3g4d2p

If you wish to continue doing your English with Miss Browne instead, please find this week’s lessons at the bottom of the webpage: https://www.thenational.academy/online-classroom/year-1/english#subjects

Topic / science : Plastic Pollution. Can you find out about how plastic pollution is effecting our seas and oceans? Can you made a poster about how to help protect endangered sea creatures?

Forest school: Can you find the answers to these riddles whilst going for a walk or playing in your garden? https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/cfe-t-2544987-what-am-i-outdoor-treasure-hunt-activity

Art: If you haven’t done so already, can you make a rainbow ? E.g.

Have any or your bean plants that were sent home with you survived? Mine unfortunately haven’t but my sunflowers are growing nicely, my tallest one is 53cm and my smallest one is 15cm. How tall are the plants you’ve started to grow at home? Can you write the measurements down in a note book then you can measure them again next week and see how much they’ve grown?
Looking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to. Happy home learning everyone. Stay safe 🌈😄👍🌱🌻

Week 6

Week 6

Welcome back everyone, I hope you had a fabulous half term? Wasn’t the weather beautiful! Congratulations on reaching your final half term in year one and well done for all your hard work. I will be in school tomorrow so I’m posting this week’s tasks this evening, any problems I will get back to you as soon as I can.

English: Poetry. Have a go at lesson 1-5 at the bottom of the page.


Your sounds for this week are: ur, er and ir.

Maths: Down load these activity sheets for your maths lessons this week, you will be learning about weight and mass:


You may also want to take a look at the BBC bitesize lesson on weight and mass too:


Science: Can you match the mother animals with their young? (Let me know if you can’t access this sheet for free as I can try and find an alternative):


Topic / art: Follow this video to make your own pirate hat:

Can you find out about who Black Beard was?

Music: Make music from jam jars:


Computing: We had started to learn about algorithms in school. Check this activity out to learn how games are made:


PSHE: It looks like this sunny weather is due to continue. Can you identify ways of how to keep safe in the sun and find out why the sun can be harmful? Why not send me a picture to show how you stay sun safe?

Happy home learning everyone. Keep in touch! 👍😄🌈

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Wider opening of school from 8th June

Dear parents and carers,
The governors of the school have agreed that the school will be ready for wider opening from Monday 8th June. We are still waiting for the risk assessment to be signed off by the local authority but don’t anticipate that this will cause any further delay.
Monday 1st June – school open daily to keyworker children who have pre-booked                                        from 8:30am
Monday 8th June – school open to reception children 9:15-12:00 Monday, Tuesday,                                      Thursday, Friday
Monday  15th June – school open to year 1 children 9:00-12:15 Monday, Tuesday,                                        Thursday, Friday
Urgent Action: please dojo your class teacher if your child will be returning on the 8th (reception) or 15th (year 1)
We are now in a position where we need to collect more definite numbers as to which children will be returning to school when we partially reopen.  Please send your child’s class teacher a message on dojo indicating whether you will or will not be sending your child back to school on these dates. It would be helpful to know as soon as possible but certainly by Sunday 31st May as we will be training staff in school on Monday 1st . As stated in the letter you can change your mind at a later date. Once we have your response, we will be able to start preparing groups and bubbles for your children to be placed in.
Thank you very much for your co-operation.

Summer Week 5

Week 5

Good morning and welcome to week 5 everyone. Only five more days until half term! Here are some ideas for your home learning this week:

English: Terrifying T-Rex Information text. Please have a go at completing lessons 1-5 (bottom of the page)


Your sounds for this week are: oo, ew and u-e.

Maths: Here is the link to the classroom secrets resource pack for the week (you can also choose to do the English activities as an alternative to the Miss Brown led lessons):


Science: To link with Miss Brown’s T-Rex work, I thought you may enjoy this Dinosaur discovery games:


Topic Animals that live under the sea. Watch this video clip to find out more:


Can you make a fact file or poster about one of the creatures you found interesting?

Music: Play the music and join in with Bring the Noise: Play it!


D&T: Sebby had a really good idea to design a marble run out made of lego. Have a go to see what other designs you can come up with.

PE: You may want to try out this game, Treasure Chest:


Or try Target Treasure:

Other ideas:
Scholastic have some great free home learning activities if you’re stuck for additional ideas to keep you busy (thank you Holly’s mum).

Stay safe everyone 🌈😄👍

Summer week 4

Week 4

Well done everyone, we have reached week 4 of our summer term and you have been working so hard. Don’t worry if you haven’t done all the set tasks, it’s ok for you to do your own different activities as the most import thing is that you are all well and staying safe! Thank you to those who have given me feedback about the activities, this has been very useful. It has become clear that some of you are loving the online teaching videos and some of you are not so for this week I will give you an alternative option for Maths and English to try out.

Option one: These are teacher led lessons that you have been doing so far

English: The Tiger Who Came To Tea (choose lesson no.s 6-7 for this week, they are about half way down the page)


Your sounds to collect this week for Dojos are: ee, ea & y.

Maths: The programme we have been following so far from white rose maths is very unfortunately no longer free. This week you may like to follow the Oak National Academy lessons which are structured in the same way as the English lessons you have been doing:


(This week start with the Numbers 50-100 and beyond lesson no.s 1-5 that are about half way down the page).

Option two: These are a worksheet based scheme that include both a Maths and English activity for each day of the week. These may be ideal if you have less time to be able to support your child because you may have to be working from home or have more than one child to share your time with.


Extra ideas: you may want to check out some online games to support learning Maths and English at home: https://www.ictgames.com/

Topic / History

Who was Christopher Columbus? Watch the videos to find out then see if you can put the story sequence cards in the correct order:


In the Garden


Head  into your garden and see how many sounds you can find made from natural materials. Sticks, logs, feathers, cones, decking, garden benches, seed pods….
Choose and arrange your sounds to create your own piece like John Cage.

When you have finished making music can you make a collage from natural materials you collected?

How many in a minute? Record how many star jumps, tuck jumps hops, sit ups, laps of your garden … you can do in one minute. Can you improve on your score each day?

What are the parts of a plant?
Have a go at the quiz to see how much you’ve learned!

Don’t forget to send me a photo of what you get up to. Missing you all very much and hope to see you all again soon. Stay safe everyone! 🌈😄👍