Friday 28th September


We have been focusing on more Place Value work this week. Today children were introduced to the Part/Whole model and were encouraged to ‘partition’ a number into different amounts of tens and ones.
eg. 72 = 70 + 2, 60 + 12, 50 + 22 etc. We will be looking at this more next week and I have put certain tasks on Purple Mash to help support this. All children can practice at home if they wish, using the log in at the front of their homework books.

This week we have been looking at Information posters. We identified the key features and created our own posters to be displayed in school. The focus was on keeping ourselves and others safe.

We have also been working really hard to prepare for our Harvest Festival. We have been learning our song and completing collage based artwork.

During our RE session we also created some Artwork to represent the sixth day of creation. The children produced some lovely pieces.

Our TTRockstar test was completed yesterday and our spelling test was done today. New spellings have gone home and you should see from your child’s previous multiplication test what they need to work on ready for next week.

Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Clough.

Friday 11th September

Hello everyone,

We have had a really good first full week back at school. The children have started looking at Place Value in Maths, taking their time to identify how many tens and ones are in a number and also writing 2-digit numbers in words.

We are focusing on the text ‘Here we are’ by Oliver Jeffers in English and today were selecting words that rhyme, ready to complete our own class poem on Monday.

Children have been sent home with a ‘homework folder’ today. These will be used to keep log in cards, spelling work and completed times table tests until we have our purple homework books. These will then all be stuck into these books so need to be kept very safe.
Children will need the folders/books every Friday as this will be the day they get tested on their spellings and given new spellings.

Children will have their times table test on a Thursday and will all start on their 10’s. We will focus on multiplication to start with and children will receive the same test each week until they have completed the whole sheet correctly in under 5 minutes. They will then move on to their 5’s.
These sheets will come home with them on a Friday so that you can see how they are progressing and the children can work on the ones they are finding more challenging.

The TTRockstar app along with spelling shed can be used to practice spellings and times tables.

Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Clough.

First Day News!

Good Afternoon,

It was so lovely to be back at school today and I hope that all the children have had a fantastic first day back. I am confident that they will all sleep well tonight!

Below are just a few reminders and messages following on from today:

Water bottles

Children are allowed to bring in their own water bottles but it would be really helpful if these could please have your child’s name on them so that they are easily identifiable by staff.

Reading books

Reading books and records have gone home today. These need to come in with the children every day so that a record of their reading can be kept. It is also really important that you read and record all reading done at home in these. I would recommend at least 3 times a week if possible. Please don’t panic if your child has already had the book they have been given today. It will take a few weeks to get them fully up and running with new books as we are still in the process of catching up with the ones they have already read.

Any library books from last year need to be returned.

Drop off and Pick up
The Entrance for Year 2 children is the main front door. Drop off is 9.15 and pick up is 3.00 from the same entrance.


Children are allowed to bring in a healthy snack for break time. If they are having a grab and go from school they are also still allowed to have a snack for their morning break if they would like as we are not getting our usual fruit delivery for the time being.


Homework books will be going home towards the end of the week. All of their log in details will be stuck in the front of these books and any homework that is not set online will be expected to be done in these as well as spelling practice. No spellings or homework will be set this week and more information about these will go out at a later date :).

Any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Many Thanks,
Miss Clough.

Thank You

It’s the end of the year!

Dear all,

I’m sure you’ll agree it feels very strange that the school year is over. This year has most certainly been one of the strangest many of us will ever experience. We will all have our own memories of lockdown and I hope you’ll be able to look back at some happy times (mine will be the arrival of Nansi!)

To the children…
You made school fun. Your excitement and smiley faces in the mornings could brighten up the darkest of days. You should all be very proud of how far you have come this year, both in your learning in school and at home.
I’m sorry we didn’t get to finish the year properly but my door will always be open to you; whether you have a problem or if you have done something amazing that you want to show me.

Thank you for all your support this year. I already knew you were a hugely supportive group of parents before lockdown but the way so many of you have gone above and beyond since you have been learning from home has been amazing. Despite missing school, I know so many of the children have had positive experiences that they will treasure forever.

I hope you all have a brilliant Summer and you can now get excited for starting Year 3 in September. The last few months have made us all realise what a special place school is and maybe how we take it for granted (myself included!) I’ll look forward to hearing all your stories when we return and can’t wait to see you all.

One last big thank you from me.
Have a great summer and stay safe.

Thursday 2nd July

Thursday 2nd July

Good morning everybody. Firstly, remember you can join us for our Zoom spelling test this morning at 9:30.

All Bitesize activities can be found here >

English: Putting words in alphabetical order. Learn how to place words in alphabetical order using the first, second and third letters. A very important skill for when we begin to use dictionaries!

Maths: Measuring in millilitres (Worksheet attached). Lesson 4 – Milliltres

German: Learn how to count to 10 and talk about food and drink in German.

Extras: New list on Spelling Shed is list 34 ‘contractions’. On Maths Shed, practice ‘Adding and subtracting 2 digits’

Wednesday 1st July

Good morning everybody! First of all, we have a Zoom chat at 11:15 this morning. Please note the later time as I’m working things around Nansi this morning and we’re on our own from 10 – 11! No need to prepare anything today, we’re going to play a guessing game based around this week’s maths work. I have some household items that you will try to guess the weight of in grams – closest guess wins! If you get time this morning, it might help you to have a go a weighing a few items yourselves if you haven’t already done so this week to help you with your guesses!

Today’s Bitesize activities….

English: Curly caterpillar letters, exclamation marks and a court appearance!

Maths: Measuring capacity and volume (worksheet attached)

History: DINOSAURS! Watch the videos, complete the matching activity… you could also write your own information text about your favourite dinosaurs!

Spelling Shed – List 33 (words ending in -tion) – Zoom test tomorrow!
Maths Shed – Bonds to 100

Friday 26th June

Today’s activities can be found on BBC Bitesize

English option 1: Friday Book Club

English option 2: Write some descriptive sentences (as you did in yesterday’s work) about a character from the book you are currently reading.

Maths: Challenge Day

French: Food and drink

Extras: Practice this week’s spellings on Spelling Shed (words ending in -tion).
Use the words and put them in sentences or a short story.

Thursday 25th June

Thursday 25th June
Hi everyone! Firstly, you can join us to test this weeks ‘homophone’ spellings (list 31 & 32) at 9:30AM. We’ll also do some sentence building linked to today’s English task in the remaining time.

Today’s tasks can be found on BBC Bitesize.

English – One-armed robot letters. You have a ‘finding’, handwriting and sentence building activity. Challenge yourself with the sentences to use adjectives and conjunctions to add more detail.

Maths – Comparing mass (worksheet attached)

D&T – Food and nutrition. Why not help prepare a meal and identify which of the food groups from your video are on your plates! Send me a picture of you cooking/eating your meal and tell me what’s on your plate! I’ll post one of my meals during the day – you can tell me if it’s healthy and explain how you know!

Spelling Shed – If you are using the PDF, we are now on list 33. If you practice on Spelling Shed, this week’s new list is called ‘Words ending in -tion’

Maths Shed – Practice your number bonds to 100!

Wednesday 24th June

Good morning everyone!

First of all, remember we have our Zoom Bingo at 9:30 this morning. You need to write down TEN numbers between 1 and 50.

Today’s activities can be found here

English: National Writing Day Challenge. Write a short story in 7 minutes! There is also an extension activity to write a longer story if you would like to.

Maths: Solving problems including height and length (worksheet attached)

Science: What is sound?