Working from home 30.9.20

Maths: Watch the below video and compete the maths worksheet below





Here we are 1

Look at the above double page spread of our class book ‘Here we are’.

Have a careful look at the different figures you can see. Do any of them have anything in common?

Can you spot someone that you think has something in common with you? It could be sports/music/riding a bike.

Task: Draw a picture to represent yourself, using the same style as shown in the book. What are you wearing? Are you holding anything? How will I know that it is you? Look at how Oliver Jeffers has added shadows behind the pictures in the book. Can you do the same?

Can you now write a brief character description/sentences to describe yourself in this picture. Eg: I am dressed in an astronaut suit because I love space and think one day I will be able to go to the moon.

I have a beautiful flowery dress on because it is the best one I love to wear to parties.

I am dressed as a clown and am juggling fruit because I am always telling jokes and making people laugh.


Reading and Spellings:

Please spend at least 15 minutes on each. Spelling shed can be used to help practice and you should have your reading book from school at home with you.



Friday 28th September


We have been focusing on more Place Value work this week. Today children were introduced to the Part/Whole model and were encouraged to ‘partition’ a number into different amounts of tens and ones.
eg. 72 = 70 + 2, 60 + 12, 50 + 22 etc. We will be looking at this more next week and I have put certain tasks on Purple Mash to help support this. All children can practice at home if they wish, using the log in at the front of their homework books.

This week we have been looking at Information posters. We identified the key features and created our own posters to be displayed in school. The focus was on keeping ourselves and others safe.

We have also been working really hard to prepare for our Harvest Festival. We have been learning our song and completing collage based artwork.

During our RE session we also created some Artwork to represent the sixth day of creation. The children produced some lovely pieces.

Our TTRockstar test was completed yesterday and our spelling test was done today. New spellings have gone home and you should see from your child’s previous multiplication test what they need to work on ready for next week.

Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Clough.

Friday 11th September

Hello everyone,

We have had a really good first full week back at school. The children have started looking at Place Value in Maths, taking their time to identify how many tens and ones are in a number and also writing 2-digit numbers in words.

We are focusing on the text ‘Here we are’ by Oliver Jeffers in English and today were selecting words that rhyme, ready to complete our own class poem on Monday.

Children have been sent home with a ‘homework folder’ today. These will be used to keep log in cards, spelling work and completed times table tests until we have our purple homework books. These will then all be stuck into these books so need to be kept very safe.
Children will need the folders/books every Friday as this will be the day they get tested on their spellings and given new spellings.

Children will have their times table test on a Thursday and will all start on their 10’s. We will focus on multiplication to start with and children will receive the same test each week until they have completed the whole sheet correctly in under 5 minutes. They will then move on to their 5’s.
These sheets will come home with them on a Friday so that you can see how they are progressing and the children can work on the ones they are finding more challenging.

The TTRockstar app along with spelling shed can be used to practice spellings and times tables.

Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Clough.


Hi everyone,

The children have had a really busy week and have worked so hard. I am super proud of them and so today we have had our movie treat and some free play this afternoon.

There is also NO HOMEWORK or SPELLINGS for the half term. I would like the children to enjoy the holidays and have a good break, ready for the last part of the term.

Thanks for all your support,
Miss Clough.


Hi everyone,

There will be no homework menu going home this half term. Instead children will be getting weekly spellings, reading and/or Maths tasks to do. These will be given out on Friday and the children will have the following week to complete them.

I shall be taking homework books in every Thursday to mark and then sending them home again on the Friday with the next weeks tasks.

I hope this is all okay,

Many Thanks,

Miss Clough.

Half term homework.

Half term homework!

Children will do their spelling test tomorrow before the half term holidays and then will NOT be given spellings for the week off. They will have a Maths challenge card and a creative/English based task to complete. I will share a picture of these tomorrow on dojo but children will have these stuck in their homework books.

We will also be having a small Marble party tomorrow afternoon to celebrate filling the class jar. I have said children can bring a teddy into school and in the afternoon I will allow them some free time to enjoy the last day.

Have a lovely half term,
Miss Clough.

Happy New Year

Welcome back!

I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. It was great to see all the children back and in such good form this week.


We have started work on multiplication this week. Our focus has been on making equal groups and writing corresponding number sentences using addition. Eg. I have 3 groups of 5.

5 + 5 + 5 = 15.


Children have been continuing on with their read, write, inc. We will also be preparing for a visit later this term from Steve Antony. He is the Author and illustrator of the books ‘The Queen’s handbag and I’ll wait, Mr Panda’. Our afternoon work will be focused around these books and I shall keep you all updated with the work the children produce.

Art & Design

I introduced the topic of ‘puppets’ this week. The children were delighted and very eager to get to work. We will not actually be making puppets for a few weeks as we will need to focus on joining materials, planning and designing first but I am excited to see the children so engaged.

Spellings will go out today. Children can complete these on the spelling hub website or in their books. A new homework menu has also been given out so they can set about completing some tasks of it before the end of this term.

Times table test will be Monday next week due to Mrs Crowe being in with Year 2 that day. Hope that is all okay.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Clough.