Year 3 Friday 5th March Home Learning

Happy Friday everyone! Our last one at home, hooray! Back to school on Monday for everyone. I’m really looking forward to seeing all your smiling, happy faces. Today is the last day on length. Remember to check the  unit of measure of the length, it could be mm, cm, or m.


For English there is a reading task to complete. It is based on a book called ” Dindy and the Elephant.”

Remember to look at your spellings in the morning. They are ei words with the long a sound.

In the afternoon, we will test our spellings on zoom.

After that you might like to think about your return to school on Monday by completing the sheet below.


Year 3 Thursday 4th March Home Learning

Good morning Year 3. Only 2 days more of zoom and then next week we’ll all be back in the classroom! We’re continuing with our measure work in maths and adding lengths today.


It is World Book Day today, some of you might like to share a favourite book or favourite book character on zoom. There is a selection of World Book Day activities to choose from here, but remember to leave some time for reading too. You could curl up with a book in a quiet corner!





Or you might like to design a book cover for a favourite story. If you can’t think of a story you could choose Chilly Billy or Morris the Mouse Hunter.


Year 3 Wednesday 3rd March Home Learning

Welcome to Wednesday, well done for all your hard work yesterday. Today in maths we’re continuing with comparing measures. Watch the video and try the worksheet.



For English we are going to look at poems that use onomatopoeia (sound words). Watch the video and think about the words used to describe sounds. You might like to write your own sound poem.

In the afternoon, there is more work on volcanoes. Try to find some of the volcanoes on a map. Then you might like to choose one of the volcanoes to find out more about. You could look on the internet or you might have an atlas at home to use.


Thursday 4th March is World Book Day! If you want to dress up as a book character you can. We can have a look at your costumes on zoom tomorrow!

Year 3 Tuesday 2nd March Home Learning

Good morning Year 3. Well done for all your hard work yesterday. This time next week we’ll all be back together in our class. We will carry on with our measure work today, we’re going to compare measurements.


For English today we will be thinking about using commas in a list.

In the afternoon, there is a video about volcanoes to follow and a worksheet to complete after.


Year 3 Monday 1st March home Learning

We only have this week to go then we’ll all be back together in our class, hooray! I am so looking forward to seeing all your smiling, happy faces. We’re continuing with our measure work this week and starting with equivalent measures in mm/cm.



New spellings are on our spelling page and on the Spelling Shed too. They’re the long a sound again but spelled ei. Write a sentence for each spelling to show you understand the meaning of the word.

This morning I would like to start thinking about how you feel about returning to school. There is a worksheet to download to help you with ideas.

Back to school feelings KS2 (1)

Mrs Darlow will post your RE work for this afternoon on class Dojo.

RE 1.3.21 revised

Year 3 Home Learning Friday 26th February

Thank you for the fantastic work from yesterday. I loved your haiku poems and pictures, well done everyone. Today in maths we are continuing with our work on measuring. We will be working on equivalent lengths, comparing cm and metres. Follow the video and try the worksheet.



For English today we are going to carry on with our work on poetry. We are going to use colours for our theme. Perhaps you have a favourite colour ? Begin by thinking of all the things that are that colour. For example, if my colour was red : bus, lipstick, heart, rose, poppy, fire engine… Once you have a list of things in your colour then try to describe them. For example, Red roses for Valentines Day, A big red London bus,  Red poppies swaying in a field. Once you have enough ideas you can write your poem. I’ve included a writing frame if you need it.


You can share some of your poems in the afternoon zoom. There will also be spellings after lunch too.

There is also some geography work to do on mountains. Watch the video and then try to label some of the mountain ranges on the world map.


Year 3 Thursday 25th February Home Learning

Hello Year 3, Thursday already! Thank you for all your work yesterday. I hope you enjoyed the poetry and the dance music. In maths today we will continue with measurement.


You’ll be estimating which objects are longer or shorter than a metre. If you haven’t got a metre stick at home remember it’s a hundred centimetres, or about the length of 3 30cm rulers.

In English we will continue with our work on poetry. Today we will look at haiku poems and sonnets. There is a video to watch and activity to try.

In the afternoon, you might like to draw or paint a picture to go with your poem. Think carefully about the colours you use.

Year 3 Wednesday 24th February Home Learning

Good morning Year 3. Well done for all your hard work yesterday. In maths today we are moving on to a new area of learning, measurement of length. So get your rulers at the ready! Follow the video and then try the worksheet.


In English today we are going to look at some poetry. The poems are by Allan Alberg and are from a poetry book called ” Please Mrs Butler.” It is a collection of poems all about school and many of them are about the funny side of school life.

In the afternoon there is a music/dance activity to try called Dance Monkey body percussion! Have fun trying it out.

Dance Monkey KS2 Instructions