Remote learning w/b -19th October




In English we are continuing our newspaper article writing.

We are working on how articles are structured using a headline, byline, introduction, body, captions, pictures and conclusion.

Can you find an article and try to identify those features?


How would an article start? Try writing a heading and introduction to a newspaper article about the Viking Raids on Lindisfarne!


Spellings and Timestables

Our spellings are on spelling shed and timestables can be practised on TT Rockstars.

REMOTE LEARNING : Week Beginning 12th October


Please follow the videos

English – Write a newspaper

Do some research on the Viking raids on Lindisfarne.

Write a newspaper report only using prior knowledge of newspapers.

Alliteration is a techique when the starting sound or letter is the same

e.g. cheese and chips or running rabbit.

Please create 5 newspaper headlines using alliteration.


Learn about Lindisfarne.

Why did the Vikings raid the monastery?

Create a poster warning the monks!


Choose one of the countries in the United Kingdom, can you find all the cities in that country>

Remote Learning at Home.


This week we are writing our stories from the FEAST film planning. Each child needs to create a story based around the nine plot points about a dog finding his new owner.

They will be expected to use a list, alliteration, simile, inner thought, repetition for effect, short sentences, question, onomatopoeia and a fronted adverbial.

After writing, they will need to edit their work by checking spellings and ensuring each of the features are used correctly.


This week in maths we will be working on ordering numbers, rounding numbers to 1000 and negative numbers. The below videos are lessons which can be worked alongside.

Alongside this work, all children at home are encouraged to read daily, practise their spellings in their books as well as spelling shed. Use IDL which is a reading and spelling tool and practise times tables on TT rockstars (especially soundcheck).

All log ins can be found in their pink homework books but if you are having trouble logging in please let me know.

16th July Home Work

Today you have to:

  • Write a 3 page story.
  • Write a newspaper article about the Vikings.
  • Practise your times tables.
  • Go onto bitesize and do every task set.
  • Create a habitat out of twigs from the garden.
  • Bake a cake.
  • Read an entire Harry Potter book.
  • Do your spelling test.
  • Do your times table test.
  • Create a self portrait.
  • Draw a treasure map.


Have a great summer, you have the day off!

15th July Home Work

English – End your story and edit.

I would like you to complete your story.

Once you have completed your story, could you please edit your work to make sure spellings,capital letters and full stops are correct.

Use a different coloured pen to edit.

Maths – Describing Position.

We are continuing our symmetry work today.

Talent Show

Monday you showed me your musical talent, Tuesday you showed me your sporting talent. Today I would like to see any talent you want to share!

14th July Home Work

The final Tuesday of Year 4.

English – Story Writing

Can you begin to write your story, at least write three paragraphs with your beginning and middle.

Save writing the end of the story til tomorrow please.

Maths – Compare Capacity 

Today we are going to look at capacity.

PE – Show off your sporting talent.

I would love to see your sporting talent this week, so please show me what you are brilliant at. Running, rugby, gymnastics, football. Whatever you like, show it off!

13th July Home Work

This is the final week of the year and your final week of Year 4!!

If you have made it this far, I am very impressed!

English – Spelling Shed.

I would like every pupil to practise each list at least 5 times.

Create a word search with your words.

Maths – TT Rockstars

Similarly to English, I would like to see some times tables practise this morning for Fridays test. 5 tries of Soundcheck as a minimum.


If you play an instrument I’d love to see some footage of you playing a piece.

If you don’t play an instrument learn a new song.


10th July Home Work

Friday is usually Zoom and Test day but unfortunately today I will not be able to zoom.

Luckily, you still get to do your tests!

English – Spelling Test



Maths – Times table test.

Please do a times table test on your correct level and also go onto TT Rockstars and carry out soundcheck 5 times.

Once this is completed please go on bitesize and complete the task.


Please take some time to do some reading with your parent/guardian.



9th July Home Work

Thursday already! Where has the week gone?

English – Fact file

I would like you to create a science book-esque page for your treasure.

Put some fun facts about it, perhaps a drawing of it with lots of description.

You could put description about its location, who created it etc.


Science – How does a bulb work

Today we are going to our purple mash to do some science.

Please carry out  the todo on purple mash.