Remote Learning 21.1.21

Good morning everyone! It is Thursday and these weeks keep flying by!


Today is our final session on Mrs C’s ‘The Secret of Black Rock’.

If you have managed to keep up throughout well done, it’s a very challenging unit but from I have been so impressed with the work it has produced!

It will be lesson 9.


After yesterdays live lesson, today we will be following on from that by answering the worksheet. I have included this video incase you need to recap on yesterday’s learning.

Y4-Written-methods worksheet

If you manage to finish the worksheet, you could go onto TT Rockstars and try and earn some coins on garage!


Today I would once again like you to try and beat the teachers!

I’d love to see pictures and your scores please so if you could send those to me on dojo that would be appreciated.

PE Challenges WK2

Remote Learning 20.1.21

It’s the 20th of January already! Where does the time go!


Lesson 8 of the The Secret of Black Rock.

Please keep sending your writing and thinking sides to me, we have almost finished this unit!


Today we will be doing a live lesson on the written method of multiplication.

Please join us straight after our catch up zoom!


Last week your landmark work was absolutely fantastic! I was so impressed with not only the information you found out, but the presentation of it, so very well done all!

This week I would like you to make a postcard.

You have spent a week in Brazil and you are writing home to tell them all about it.

Make sure to mention where you are staying, what the weather is like, what famous landmarks you visited and what other interesting things you got up to!

Once finished please design an appropriate design for the front of the postcard.

Remote Learning 19.1.21

It is tremendous Tuesday!


Lesson 7 of the The Secret of Black Rock.

Please keep sending your writing and thinking sides to me. I am so proud of all the work you have done.


After yesterdays live lesson, I would like you to answer all the questions on the worksheet today.

I will post the video which recaps yesterdays lesson again below in case you need some help.

Efficient multiplication worksheet


Its time to learn a little bit more about changing states.

Thank you for all the science work you sent me last week, you all seem to know a lot about solids, liquids and gasses.

Today I would like us to investigate something that has the chemical name H2O.

You will all have it in your homes and even be able to drink it!

H2O in science terms is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen.

But what is H2O I hear you cry! It is water.

Can you please create a diagram of how water can be a gas, liquid and a solid?

Perhaps, with your parents help, you could try and create water in all its three states.


Remote Learning 18.1.21

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fun weekend!


Your child’s weekly spellings will be on spelling shed ready for Friday’s spelling test.


What a fantastic first week of work!

When doing the Mrs C lessons your children’s ability to do such amazing creative writing blows me away.

Today is lesson 6 of 9 of ‘The Secret of Black Rock’ lessons. We are not far away now from writing our very own story! Please tune in this morning and follow the lesson.


Today we are going to do a live maths lesson all about efficient multiplication.

I will do the lesson straight after our morning zoom but if you are unable to attend the zoom meeting I will post the equivalent lesson below.

The worksheet will be tomorrow as I am finding the lessons take quite a while online.



Todays zoom will be our normal code and I will explain the task to you all.

Differentiated Christian Places of Pilgrimage in the UK Activity Sheet

Christian Places of Pilgrimage Matching Cards

                            Is life like a journey?

                      Pilgrimages: Christian Pilgrimages

L.O. I can explain what Christians believe about pilgrimages.

L.O. I can give a reason why Christians visit certain pilgrimage sites

If you are able to print then please print, cut out and play the matching Christian Places of Pilgrimage.
Matching pdf task above and then (use the internet to ) complete the second task by double clicking the above PDF where it says Differentiated Christian Places of Pilgrimage and print sheet 2 researching Christian places of Pilgrimage in the UK.

If you are unable to open the above files or cannot print then today please find out about the Christian Pilgrimage destinations of Walsingham in England, Iona in Scotland, St David’s Cathedral in Wales and one other of your choice. Write these down and explain why Christians visit each one.
You will find them on the internet. You may like to add pictures too.
I look forward to seeing your work on dojo.
Have fun learning.
Mrs Darlow


Remote Learning 15.1.21

Celebrate good times, come on! It’s Friday!

I miss doing our Friday song at the end of the day, perhaps today you could play it and have a little boogie once you’ve finished all your tasks?

Spelling Test

On our zoom catch up this morning we will also do our spelling test.

If you are in my group please access the normal zoom but if you are in Miss Edwards group please join her zoom code. They are both on class dojo.

New spellings will be posted today for the following Fridays test on spelling shed.


Same as last week, if you need the times table test sheets sent over I can do that for you. If you have completed your times table please do soundcheck on TT twice.


I will be giving you a day to catch up today, so as long as you do your times table test then take a breath! It is Friday after all.


Mrs C is continuing today so please follow her live lessons again.

Although challenging, I really hope you are finding it beneficial and seeing some absolutely amazing writing from your children. I’ve been very impressed with the content that has been sent over to me this week.



Catch up time!

This has been our first proper week of home learning and I’m sure there have been plenty of ups and downs in your household with regards to the work I have set.

Take the afternoon to catch up on anything you have not been able to do this week or alternatively take it to have a rest before the weekend, we are all going through this pandemic and sometimes it is good to take some time out. That is the kids and the parents!!

Have a lovely weekend and I will speak to you all on Monday morning!

Remote Learning 14.1.21

Good Morning and Happy Thursday one and all!


We are doing amazingly well on our Mrs C work so far this week.

I think this may be our best writing all year!!

We are doing the 4th lesson on ‘The Secret of Black Rock!’


Today I will be doing a live lesson straight after our zoom morning catch up.

If you cannot make it, please follow the video below and answer the worksheet questions.

Factor Pairs Worksheet


Today I would like you to BEAT THE TEACHERS!

There are three PE challenges that have been set by Mr McGrath and a few scores to be beaten by people you may know from around the school! Can you beat them?

PE Challenges week 1 – Beat the teachers


Remote Learning 13.1.21

Half way through the week again, how time flies!


Today is Mrs C’s third live lesson. Don’t worry if you are running behind I will schedule a catch up afternoon on Friday this week!


After our live lesson yesterday, I would like you to have a go yourself!

Follow the video and answer the worksheet.

Multiply 3 Numbers

Topic Work – Brazil

Brazil is an amazing country and has many different landmarks.

Can you find three different landmarks in the country and find out different facts about them. For each landmark I would like a minimum of four sentences written, you can use pictures to add to your work. Please use your best handwriting and make an excellently presented piece of Geography work!

One of your landmarks must be Christ the Redeemer.

Remote Learning 12.1.21

Happy Tuesday, that is a fun date to write today! It’s the same backwards.

If a word does that it is called a palindrome. Like the name Hannah, read it backwards and it is still Hannah! That’s not anything to do with today’s work but just an interesting fact for your Tuesday morning!


Please join Mrs C at 11AM and work through the lesson at your own speed.

Thank you so much to everyone for all their work they sent through yesterday! You are all doing so very well.


Today we are going to do a live lesson! If you stay on after our morning zoom, I will introduce to you our new maths subject, multiplying three numbers!


This afternoon I would like you to do some coding.

We are going to be working on scratch to create an animation and a game.

I would like you to do the create a chase game and animate a character. Please follow the tutorials (They should look like the pictures below)

Send me a picture of your code!

Remote Learning 11.1.21

Merry Monday to you all! I hope you all had a great weekend.

I will see you at 9.30AM to discuss our mornings work.


Today starts Mrs C’s newest group of live lessons. They begin at 9.45AM live on her youtube page and should be her newest video. As we will be zooming til around 10 each day you will be able to skip back to the start once you begin the work.

Please visit after each zoom call.


11 and 12s


Mrs Darlow will join you for this afternoons zoom and a seperate zoom code (I’m sorry I know we have a lot!) will be on dojo for you.

Our new question in RE this term is:  Is life like a journey? We will be learning about pilgrimage. I will try and do a zoom introduction today but if I am unable to for any reason or you are unable to join then here is our task. You may be able to do all of it or just some. Have a go and do your best but don’t worry if you can’t get online.
Today please find out what the word pilgrimage means and write it down. Different religions have different special places that pilgrimages are made to.  Firstly please watch BBC bitesize What is Buddhism?  Now you know a little about Buddhism so can you please use the internet to find out about the Buddhist pilgrimage sites known as The Eight Great Places.  Present what you find out about The Eight Great Places as a leaflet or a poster or a powerpoint.  Your aim is to be able to explain the role of a pilgrimage in Buddhism.
There is an interesting programme on Youtube that you might like to watch following a Buddhist pilgrimage to some of The Eight Great Places called On the Path of the Buddha. Make sure you have a parent checking what you are accessing on Youtube please.


Y2-6 Virtual English lessons from Monday

Virtual English Lessons

As a school we have been using a new English approach this year and all the children from Year 1-6 have experiences Jane Considine live lessons and units taught by their teachers in class.
We are very aware that for many households, siblings are having to share devices and, with this in mind, have decided to use Jane’s live lessons during lockdown so families can participate together.
Jane Considine will be teaching English #LiveLessons every week day between Monday 11th January and Friday 12th February for years 1-6.
The children will be ‘chotting’ – collecting word, phrases and ideas prompted by Jane, watching Jane model sentence writing and then writing their own using their notes.


Key Information

• The lessons will be streamed every day on Jane Considine’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.
• You will be able to watch the lessons daily at a time which suits you.
• The lessons are suitable for Years 1-6.
• Your teachers will explain the expectations for work each day. We would love to see the sentences the children write so we can create our class ‘sentence stacking’.

Preparation for the lesson
• Please subscribe to Jane Considine’s YouTube channel here before Monday so you can keep up-to-date and be ready for her lessons starting on Monday.
• Facebook link if this is more suitable –
• Ask children to have their books ready in the usual layout with thinking and writing sides, if they can but it will become clear in the live sessions.