Week 2.

Last week we had our first swimming session, learnt more about explanation text writing in English and used arrays and factor pairs in Maths to help multiplication.

We also had a practical session of science where we experienced the changing states of water from an ice cube to water and water vapour.

Mr Whyte

Spelling Tests

Our classes spellings will be submitted to spelling shed every week.

They will also receive a hard copy in their pink spelling/homework book every Monday and be tested the following Monday afternoon. These books are expected to go home everyday.

Although the pupils do practise in school, they are expected to practise at home as well.

If your child does not have a log in please let me know and I will sort that out as soon as possible.


New term!

All of the class have returned after their brilliant Christmas breaks. Last week we wrote all about it in a newspaper article talking about all the food, presents and good times that were had!

We have begun our learning about Ancient Egypt as well as states of matter in Science.

This week we have our first swimming session on Friday.

Mr Whyte

Worship Council – Training day at Myddle Church

The newly elected Worship Council had a fantastic day in Myddle yesterday when they took part in lots of different activities relating to our Christian values and prayer. The children were a real credit to the school and had a really enjoyable day working with children from Myddle’s worship council. They were given lots of ideas on how to create practical fun prayer spaces and how to plan worships for school on their return. The children even created a federation prayer that we can use across both schools. The children came home excited and full of plans for worship within the school. We can’t wait to see what they can create across our federation.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

And just like that, the last term of the decade is complete!

Well done to all the kids for making it through such a long term, they have got a well deserved break now over the Christmas holidays! I hope you have a fantastic time and I look forward to hearing all about it in January.

Sadly, today was the final day for Miss Lewis as she leaves to join Myddle in the new year. We put on an assembly for her with a song and dance which she really appreciated.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Mr Whyte

Another week is done!

Hello parents of Year 4.

This week we have begun to learn how to write play scripts, learning about stage directions and dialogue as well as doing a bit of acting!

We have moved onto division in maths which the pupils have taken to well. Initially we worked on dividing by 10 and now we are looking at the inverse operation (using our knowledge of times tables to help division).

Mr Whyte

First week back.

We’ve all enjoyed a good first week back into Autumn 2 term.

We have begun learning about perimeter in maths and planned out a news report on the Viking attack on Lindisfarne, which we will write next week.

We finished the week off by watching a superb pantomime (Peter Pan) and had a visit to our church for a remembrance service!

Mr Whyte

Autumn 1 is over!

It was lovely to meet so many of you at parents evening this week. It is always nice to get an insight into how the class are at home and I hope you enjoyed checking in on how each of your children are getting along.

Both spelling tests and times tables tests will be on Monday mornings from the first week back, so we all have half term to practise.

I hope everybody has a brilliant half term and comes back refreshed and ready for Autumn 2!


Mr Whyte