Christmas spellings and Homework.

Hi Everyone,

I have decided not to set any ‘main’ homework task today as I am aware it is a very busy time of the Year, however, all children were given new spellings.

There will be no Times Tables or Spelling Test next week so this is their Christmas homework as well.

Times Tables, Reading and Spellings should all be practiced over the Christmas Holidays if possible.
Many Thanks,
Miss Clough.

Homework 26.9.19


To create a poster on the damage of our planet due to plastic. Children can research their own facts or use the information gained this week from our class text ‘Plastic Sucks’ by Dougie Poynter.

Y5 Homework.

Homework 6.9.19 (to be completed by 11.9.19):

To write a letter to Miss Clough so that she can get to know you a little better.  Consider letting her know what your interests and hobbies are, what you enjoy most about school and what you enjoy least.  Now that you are a Year 5 what are you most looking forward to this year and what would you like to achieve.

If you would like to be a member of the school council you will also need to write a paragraph at the end of your letter explaining why you would like this role.

The letter only needs to be brief! 🙂

Design a school competition…

A competition sheet to design a school has been sent home with the children this week. All entries will be entered into a nation wide competition to win the opportunity to have their design made into a real Lego model! We will be also have a few small prizes for a chosen winner from each class. We hope you enjoy this task and ask if completed entries can be returned to no later than Friday 30th November, happy designing everyone! 👍

Homework week 7

This week’s homework is a review of the work we have been doing about line graphs in class. You have been given the temperatures in Baschurch for Wednesday and Friday and should compare the results on a line graph!

Week 4 homework

There were 2 pieces of homework this week:

  1. Fronted adverbials – completing sentences
  2. Negative numbers

Both of these consolidate work which we have done in class this week.

We have also been given a task of finding inventions from the 5 main rooms in our house. Once collected, this homework will be used to help us plan a mural of a house and all the inventions in it which will be displayed in our classroom.

Homework Week 2

This week’s maths homework supports what we have been learning in class this week.

All children are invited to write a letter to apply for school council – details for what you can include in your letter will be found in your homework book.

Our project for the half term has also been sent home in homework books. I look forward to seeing your inventions!

Homework week 1

This week I have set a maths homework to consolidate the 3 small steps we’ve covered in class. The children were very eager for extra homework today(!!!). If they would like to make a poster about a famous inventor or invention, that would be fantastic!

World Cup Homework (08.06.18)

This afternoon we had a World Cup Sweepstake!

Every child has picked their country that they will look out for during the World Cup.

Your homework task is to find out about the country you have chosen.
Here are some of ideas for what you could find out:
Currency used
What continent it is in
A drawing of their home and away kit
Language spoken
Capital city
Star player
The year they were first in the World Cup
How many times they’ve been in the World Cup
How many times they’ve won the World Cup

And any ideas you can think of! You can choose how to present your findings!

Please return by next Thursday at the latest.