Reading display

Thank you for all letting me know what book your children is reading. Our Bookflix display is now up and running. Every time the children move on to a new book I will update their reading pocket.


Clarinet lessons

Mrs White was teaching us all how to start playing the Clarinet this week. I can vouch for the children when they say it isn’t the easiest one to master! They all did a fabulous job and all managed to play a note or two. If you are interested in having you child bring the Clarinet home for extra practice that is no problem at all, as long as you sign the permission slip beforehand.


We have been continuing our work around Macbeth this week. Next week we will move on to look at Shakespeare’s description of the three witches and all children will have a go at writing their own detailed description. .


Brief update!

Hi all,

I am in the middle of writing a curriculum letter to keep you all informed with what is going on this term in Year 5.

There will be no homework or spellings until next week and the spelling test and new spellings will go out on a Wednesday.

Children have started learning the Clarinet today and will continue that over the year with Mrs White.

PE will be on a Thursday – so kit will be needed for tomorrow and swimming will take place further on this term (more info to follow).

The kids have all been fabulous coming back into school and getting back into the routine this week.

Miss Clough.

The X Factory

A huge well done to the whole cast of The X Factory. They’ve worked so hard during the past 3 weeks to put on an absolutely tremendous show and were an absolute joy to work with throughout, with so many of the children offering their own ideas for new lines, choreography, props and songs.

Thank you to all the parents, friends and family members who helped the children learn all their lines in such a short period of time.


Well done to all our competitors at Sports Day today!

The final results were…..

1st place: AFRICA – 192 points

2nd place: ASIA – 189 points

3rd place: SOUTH AMERICA -181 points

4th place: NORTH AMERICA – 178 points

5th place: EUROPE – 170 points

6th place: OCEANIA – 162 points

Thank you to everyone who came to supports today’s event. Pictures to follow!