We have spent the last few weeks launching our new WW2 history topic. The children are really engaged and enthusiastic about this period in History and are contributing well to all lessons. So far we have covered:

The cause of WW2

Neville Chamberlain’s declaration of war speech (where children wrote and recorded their own version).

The rise of Winston Churchill and the impact he had on WW2!

We look forward to continuing this topic for the remainder of the Spring term.

Worship Council – Training day at Myddle Church

The newly elected Worship Council had a fantastic day in Myddle yesterday when they took part in lots of different activities relating to our Christian values and prayer. The children were a real credit to the school and had a really enjoyable day working with children from Myddle’s worship council. They were given lots of ideas on how to create practical fun prayer spaces and how to plan worships for school on their return. The children even created a federation prayer that we can use across both schools. The children came home excited and full of plans for worship within the school. We can’t wait to see what they can create across our federation.

Roman Feast

A Slightly delayed update: Last week we had a small Roman feast.
This term the children have been learning about how the Romans changed Britain and we finished off the topic by sampling some Roman foods baked by the children.

Pen licence






A few more children have gained their Pen licence this week! They are all trying super hard and I’ve encouraged them to keep going with their handwriting as we have many more that are very close!

Year 5 News

Hi Everyone,

The Times table test will be on Friday this week instead of today.

We will be holding a Second Hand Book Sale at school on Thursday 5th December. The sale will be in the old library (by year 1) and will run 3.15-4.15pm.

School Christmas Jumper day and the Christmas Fayre (after school).
Children will be making some items to sell at the Fayre on Friday so please do come along and take a look.

Miss Clough,

Year 5 – Dewa Trip

We’ve had a fabulous time in Chester today. Children got the chance to go on a march with a Roman solider this morning and then spent the afternoon in the museum looking at old ancient ruins/artefacts. Their Roman numeral knowledge and Latin was put to the test and our recent history work in school meant the children were engaged and knowledgeable about the Roman period!

Science investigation.

Earlier this week Year 5 carried out an investigation to find out which materials were soluble and which were insoluble. They spent time planning their investigation and thought carefully about their enquiry based question. They considered the variables they would change and the ones they would keep the same and then they made their own predictions before completing the experiment in small groups.

The children observed and recorded their results using a table and evaluated their findings as a whole class.