Class 6’s trip to Shrewsbury Museum!

On Tuesday 17th of October, class 6 went to Shrewsbury Museum for a school trip.

First we met our guide, who was called Lindsey, to take us on a tour around a small part of Shrewsbury and to show us it’s Tudor history. Our first stop was the Market Hall, we learnt that before the ground was leveled over and the Market Hall was built, it used to be a lake where women were dunked if they gossiped to much but boys caught stealing would have been put in the stocks with rotten vegetables thrown at them!
Next, was Rowley’s mansion where we learnt how Tudor houses were built. We looked for special markings that builders made so they could put the wooden beams together more easily. The third stop was more Tudor mansions. We were told not to look down at the shops but to look up at the old fashioned architecture from Tudor times. The fourth stop was down an small lane called Grope Lane so
we could see even more houses. Most of us were very exited to notice the new Harry Potter shop along the way!!
Once we came out of the lane, we went down Fish Street where all the fish was sold and then went onto butcher’s street where the meat was sold through little windows that were covered by screens. Boys would often cut the string that held them in place for fun at night! Then we went back to the museum for lunch and then we looked around 2 of the rooms and tried to identify some objects.

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