Year 5

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Huw McGrath
Year 5 Teacher

Welcome to Year 5

Year 5/6 Performances – Tuesday 25th June

This year, Year 5 and 6 will be performing ‘Shakespeare Rocks’ for our Summer school production on Tuesday 25th June at 1.30pm and 6.00pm. More details to follow after half term.  Please add the date to your diary!

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Welcome to Year 5
Teacher: Mr McGrath  TA: Eleanor Edwards   PPA Cover (Tuesday mornings): Mrs Hillidge

Key info:

PE: Monday and Wednesday

Times table tests: Friday

Homework given and due: Friday


Useful Websites:

EdShed: Use for maths, spellings and phonics *All pupils have their own individual login.

Hit the Button: Great for learning times tables



Class Showcase
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Young Voices 2023

Class Showcase Open this to see some of the work we've been doing.

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Young Voices 2023
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Class Homework Open this to see the latest homework

Equivalent fractions and Simplifying fractions

This week’s homework supports our learning in class this week. Finding equivalent fractions is a key skill that the children will need to use throughout our fractions unit.

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Class Spellings Open this to see the latest spellings


We will focus on one spelling rule per week by competing a variety of tasks in class, including: counting syllables; identifying phonemes; using words in cloze sentences; finding dictionary defintions; using the words in our own sentences.

These are the lists & rules we will be learning:

1.Words ending in ‘-tious’ and ‘-ious’
2.Words ending in ‘–cious’
3.Words ending in /shul’ spelled. ‘-cial’
4.Words ending in /shul/ spelled ‘-tial’
5.Words ending in /shul/ spelled ‘-cial’ and ‘-tial’
6.Challenge words
7.Words ending in ‘-ant’
8.Words ending in ‘-ance’ and ‘-ancy’
9.Words ending in ‘-ent’ and ‘-ence’
10.Words ending in ‘-able’ and ‘-ible’
11.Words ending in ‘-ably’ and ‘-ibly’
12.Challenge Words
13.Words ending in ‘-able’, where the ‘e’ from the root word remains
14.Words that are adverbs of time
15.Words ending in ‘–fer’
16.Words with ‘silent’ first letters
17.Words with ‘silent’ letters
18.Challenge Words
19.Words spelled with ’ie’ after c
20.Words where ‘ei’ makes an /ee/ sound
21.Words where ‘ough’ makes an /or/ sound
22.Words containing ’ough’
23.Adverbs of possibility and frequency
24.Challenge Words
25.Words that are homophones or near homophones
26.Words that are homophones
27.Words that are homophones
28.Words that are homophones or near homophones

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Remote Learning Open this to see the latest remote learning

No remote learning to show at the moment.

Class Apps Open this to link to lots of the Apps we use in school.