Courageous Advocacy Day 20th June

We’ve had a science day, Easter art day, a rockstar maths day and now we bring you…. Courageous Advocacy Day! What does this mean, I hear you say? I will endeavour to explain what it means and how you can help.

In essence, it is an extension of what we usually do in our Continents sessions, but with a more meaningful twist.  As a caring school, we often teach the children about natural disasters in other countries, discuss suffering of children less fortunate than ourselves and raise money for important causes. BUT on this day, we want the children to understand how their day to day lives here in Baschurch can positively or negatively affect others. Examples might include recycling or buying fair trade food.

The theme of ‘courageous advocacy’, enables our school community to develop a greater awareness of the challenges others face in life and the role that they can play as individual advocates to support causes and make a difference.

In addition to this, we want to encourage the children to take time to reflect and appreciate what we have and how lucky we are to have a well-resourced school. We encourage the children to reflect upon the charities we support and to think for themselves how they too can support initiatives and have a positive impact.

How you can help

Does your child (or family) already raise money for a certain charity?

Have you as a family made changes to the way you shop to help the environment?

Have you or your children changed the way you eat to help the environment?

Do you have any global partnership links yourself?

If you can answer yes to any of these, please could your child bring in a small piece of information to share with their group on the 20th June.  It may be as simple as ‘We only buy fairtrade coffee and chocolate’,  ‘we have stopped buying plastic straws’ or ‘we did a sponsored walk to raise money for X charity.’  If you are really passionate about something and would like to come and talk to one of the groups, please let us know as we would love real local examples of advocacy.

Thank you very much for your help with this.