We are working hard to keep our pupils learning and safe during the current pandemic. Help us by being aware of the latest guidance.

COVID-19 Latest Updates

Home Learning 21.10.21

Here are some tasks for you to complete today:

  1. Leo’s Menu: Use your problem solving skills to find out the prices of each item on Leo’s menu. Useful clues – the most expensive item on the menu is £4.50, the least expensive is 50p. The only possible prices are multiples of 50 (e.g. 50p, £1, £1.50, £2) etc.

Leo’s menu (including the prices) will be posted on Dojos at lunchtime for you to check your answers!



2. Your second task is ‘Synonym Spectacular’! Can you use a thesaurus (book version or online) to find the all the synonyms of the given words?

Y5 page 49 (1)

3. Topic – Queen Anne. The next monarch we were going to learn about is Queen Anne.

Can you find out what made her an important Queen? Why was she successful? Can you find 5 interesting facts about her?

A supporting powerpoint for this will be posted on Dojos.

Well done!

At the end of week three of home learning, we just wanted to say a huge well done to you all. We know it is not easy – we have lots of staff here in the same situation so we really do empathise with how hard it is!

Don’t be hard on yourselves or your children if you didn’t understand or couldn’t keep up. Let us know if you need anything and we will try to facilitate it.

Now that we are more into the swing of things, the weekly timetable has evolved so you may find that you have more Zoom sessions, so please check the website regularly.  We have had a few pupils missing from group sessions, so make sure you check which ones your child should be in.

Most of our children are at home, and so they are our top priority. Please be assured that the same work is being done by the home-learners as the ones in school. The teacher’s are working tirelessly to ensure that gaps don’t emerge between the two groups, but we need all families on board with this as well as engaging with everything that is on offer to the best of their abilities.

If you are not engaging with the Zoom sessions or submitting work regularly, you must let the teacher know why.  As a school, we have to record home-school engagement, just as we would usually take a register in school. We are asked for this data by the local authority regularly and the Education Welfare Officer will contact families who aren’t engaging.

Many thanks again to you all – keep up the good work and have a lovely weekend.

More information – Critical Workers and Vulnerable Children Places

Dear Parents/Carers,

If your child has been allocated a critical worker/vulnerable place in school, you should now have received a confirmation email from admin.

Year Drop off Pick up
R 9am 3pm
1 9am 3pm
2 9am 3pm
3 8.45am 3.10pm
4 8.45am 3.10pm
5 8.45am 3.10pm
6 8.45am 3.10pm

Siblings can all be dropped off at the same time.

We ask that children come to school in school uniform.

We are unable to offer wraparound care this week but we are working hard to get something in place, ready to start next Monday (11th January). More information will follow later this week.

For the rest of this week we will be providing Grab and Go Bags only, with all the usual choices available.

From next week the menu will be as follows:

Monday: Grab & Go bags

Tuesday: Grab & Go bags with extra choice of sausage roll/vegetarian sausage roll

Wednesday: Grab & Go bags with extra choice of hot chicken, beef or quorn bap

Thursday: Big Breakfast

Friday: Pizza

Critical Workers and Vulnerable Children Places

Dear all,

Thank you all for your timely responses to all our questions today, allowing us to sort out provision in school as quickly as we can!

We believe we have heard from all the category one families and allocated places. We have also been able to accept an equal number of category two families where both parents are critical or key workers and unable to work at home.

We are now full and cannot accept anymore category two children.  Admin are working through the emails as fast as possible but f you have not had confirmation by 5pm then unfortunately your child hasn’t been allocated a place.

If you ARE eligible for a category one place, but don’t need it at the moment, please let us know if your circumstances change, as we will then take your child(ren).

Please remember that the government want as many people to work from home as possible and the idea of closing schools is to stop the spread of the disease. We need to keep the amount of children in school to an absolute minimum. If you have a place, but do shifts or part-time hours, please keep your child at home on the days you are not working.

Online learning will be very different this half term, with lots of face to face contact from teachers, live lessons and worships daily. Our aim is to make sure there are at least 2 zoom contacts per day for every class. If your child was receiving intervention in one of Miss Cluderay’s groups,  she will be continuing her sessions via zoom.

Whole school worship will be at 9am everyday. Your teachers will let you know the log in details on Dojo. By the end of this week, they will have lots of information for you as they are busy working out schedules. Check the Covid Home-learning Pages on the class pages of the website and your Dojo feed.

Many thanks for all your help and patience at this difficult time.