Friday 10th July


Please find attached the Maths Challenge worksheet for today.
Complete this using what you know about our different Mathematical concepts. Don’t just put the answer but show clear working out so I know how you came to your answer.

Maths Challenge

Read or listen to Chapter 15 of the boy at the back of the class.

Look at the picture attached of Ahmet’s plan.
1. What do you think his plan is?
2. Why do you think it will get them into lots of trouble? What sort of trouble could they get into and with who?
3. Think carefully about what the letter to The Queen would have said. Write your own (this should be carefully thought about and well written not rushed).

Book Talk: We will touch base on your English task and complete a Book Talk session in today’s zoom.
Zoom call: 1pm

• Use the rest of the afternoon to complete any tasks you are behind with or have been unable to do earlier in the week.
• Use Typing club to increase your typing speed.
• Log on to spelling shed and spend 15 minutes practicing
• Use IDL and TT Rockstars to keep up to date with your English and Times table practice.