Good Morning 🌈 Week 10 Monday 29th June 💙 Home Learning😊


I hope you have had a good weekend and are ready for the start of a new week.

The children returning to school will be completing the speed sound sessions and activities in Forest School, weather permitting. 🤞 In the afternoon you have the option to complete the other activities suggested. Please listen to your child read every day.

Maths activities this half term can all be found at There is a video clip and activity for each day. The activities look engaging and a lovely creative way of developing your child’s maths. (Week 9 Zog)
Talk for writing home school booklet is Max’s Jungle Adventure this fortnight. A fantastic writing unit to complete at your own speed at home.

This week our maths and literacy activities will be linked to Zog By Julia Donaldson

Children’s Art Week is run by engage and this year runs over 3 weeks. This week the theme will be The Natural World so I will be posting some possible activities you may like to join . You may well have your own ideas so please free to adapt.


Speed sounds lesson can be found on YouTube. If you feel your child is ready to move to the next set please do. I would encourage you to revisit sounds learnt in the previous set to ensure they are embedded.
Set 1 – v

Set 2 – air ‘that’s not fair’

Set 3 – o-e ‘phone home’ Reading longer words – ir/ur/er

Read Zog if you have the book or watch it on YouTube. What skills must Zog learn at dragon school? Write a list of these skills, titled ‘How to become a dragon…’

Go to watch the video and click on Get Activity Day One. Rainbow Patterns –  Week 9 Zog

The Natural World – Activity 1

Pretend to be nature pirates

How much hidden loot can you fit in your miniature treasure chest? Search for tiny natural items in your garden and see who can fit the most inside a matchbox or other small container. Look out for mini discarded snail shells, tiny twigs, small shiny pebbles and little petals and leaves. Set a time limit and see who will be the winner. Count how many items you collected and you could do some observational drawing using a magnifying glass to look in detail at your loot.

Winter Nature Walk Ideas for Kids • RUN WILD MY CHILD



Set 1 – y

Set 2 – ir ‘whirl and twirl’

Set 3 – u-e  ‘huge brute’  Reading longer words – ou/ow

In the story, the princess dreams of being something else when she grows up. Can you write a dream for yourself for when you grow up? What do you want to be, and why?

Go to watch the video and click on Get Activity Day Two. Adding

The Natural World – Activity 1

Art using natural materials

Go on a walk or have a look in your garden Don’t forget to take a bag or container with you so you can collect lots of different materials. Can you name everything you collected if not could find out when you get home? Stay safe and remember not to put anything in your mouth. Take a photograph of your super art work.

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Set 1 – z

Set 2 – oy  ‘toy for a boy’

Set 3 –  are  ‘ care and share’ Reading longer words ear

Imagine you were flying on the back of Zog. What would you see whilst you were up in the air, and where would you choose to go?

Go to watch the video and click on Get Activity Day Four. Making 20

The Natural World – Activity 3

Print a picture of Zog using natural materials. I look forward to seeing all your wonderful creations

Printing with Nature                                 Garden Memoir


Set 1 – x

Set 2 – ay ‘ may I play’  (Set 2 restarts)

Set 3 – ur   ‘nurse with a purse’    Reading longer words ee/ea (restarts)

Zog’s ‘super power’ is being able to fly. If you could have a super power, what would it be, and why?

Go to watch the video and click on Get Activity Day Five. Measures – have fun baking it’s Friday!

Relax this afternoon with Little Yoga Stars Episode 9 Zog

Extra Activities




Have a fantastic weekend 😊