Good Morning 🌈 Week 12 Monday 13th July 💙 Home Learning😊


I hope you have had a good weekend. It feels very strange to be writing the last online home learning post for our class. Who would have thought this would of played such a big part of in the children’s learning when we started in September. You and your children have been amazing, thank you.

Please could reading books be returned this week so they can be sorted for September. If it is not possible please send me a message via ClassDojo.

The children returning to school will be completing the speed sound sessions, maths activities and activities in garden area or Forest School, weather permitting. In the afternoon you have the option to complete the other activities suggested. Please listen to your child read every day.

Maths activities this half term can all be found at There is a video clip and activity for each day. The activities look engaging and a lovely creative way of developing your child’s maths. (Week 11 “The  Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet” and “The Dinosaur that Pooped the Past” By Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter.

This week our maths and literacy activities will be linked to Dinosaurs! I know we have a number of children who just love dinosaurs!

Children’s Art Week is run by engage and this year runs over 3 weeks. This week the theme will be Literacy and Creative Writing so I will be posting some possible activities you may like to complete. You may well have your own ideas so please free to adapt.


Speed sounds lesson can be found on YouTube. If you feel your child is ready to move to the next set please do. I would encourage you to revisit sounds learnt in the previous set to ensure they are embedded.
Set 1 – nk

Set 2 – ar ‘start the car’

Set 3 – ire ‘fire, fire!’ Reading longer words – or/aw

Read The Dinosaur that pooped a planet and The Dinosaur that pooped the past if you have the book or watch it on YouTube. Talk about which is your favourite story? What is similar / different about the stories?

Go to watch the video and click on Get Activity Day One. Shapes Have fun building your rocket. 🚀

Literacy and Creative Writing – Activity 1


Today I would like you make your own puppet using any material you fancy. It could be a unicorn, dinosaur, person it’s your choice.

Choose an episode from Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures on iPlayer to find out more facts about dinosaurs.


Set 1 – m (set 1 restarts)

Set 2 – or   (shut the door)

Set 3 – ear  ‘hear with your ear’  Reading longer words – air/are

Make a list of what the dinosaur munched? Can you remember everything?

Go to watch the video and click on Get Activity Day Two. Have fun exploring patterns.

Connecting Across Generations – Activity 2

Today I would like you to start making a puppet theatre. It may take you a couple of days but I’m sure you will have fun playing with it during the holidays too.



Set 1 – s

Set 2 – ir  ‘twirl and whirl’

Set 3 – oi  ‘spoil the boy’  Reading longer words – ou/ow

Go to watch the video and click on Get Activity Day Four. Have fun doubling, halving and sharing today.

Literacy and Creative Writing – Activity 1

Have a think about your script for the puppet show. You could write down some ideas or your grown up could scribe for you.

Friday (Holidays start today but if you want to finish off the week and the maths activity looks great fun)

Set 1 – d

Set 2 – ou  ‘shout it out’

Set 3 – a-e  ‘make a cake’  Reading longer words – ire

Go to watch the video and click on Get Activity Day Five. Have fun Volcano Making!

Put on a puppet show!

Happy holidays  💙