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Good Morning Everyone!

Hope you’ve had a good weekend and ready for another week of school! We are looking forward to seeing you all again either in class or on Zoom.


1)  Complete/choose the correct date and which level you want to choose.  Bronze is the easiest and Platinum is the hardest! (Challenge yourself – think which one you should be trying, we should have sent you a suggested level for you to try but you are very welcome to try above) https://corbettmathsprimary.com/5-a-day/

2) Complete daily White Rose task – Ratio  – Week 1



Monday 29th  – Introducing the Ratio Symbol

Intro ratio symbol

Tuesday 30th  – Calculating Ratio

Lesson 2 – Calculating ratio

Wednesday 1st   – Using Scale Factor

Lesson 3 – Using scale factors

Thursday 2nd – Ratio and Proportion

Lesson 4 – Ratio and proportion problems

Friday 3rd  – Friday Maths Challenge!

A weekly set of word problems involving a range of maths.



All this week’s reading tasks will come from Chapter 8.


Task 1: Read the chapter

Task 2: Michael Murpurgo usually bases an idea on a book form a news report or something he has seen about a real event. Is the story that Kensuke told Michael actually real? Time to play investigator and find out!

Task 3: Complete the reading comprehension questions below.

  1. Why does Michael feel that he has to hide his message in the coke bottle?
  2. What were Kensuke’s hopes for the future?
  3. What has been lost now, between Michael and Kensuke?

Task 4: Can you complete a timeline using information from the text?

Complete a time line of Kensuke’s life, from his birth in Japan until he is in the boat with Michael telling his story; include all the significant events.

Task 4 – Read Chapter 9 ready for Monday

chapter 9