Home/School Extra activity options

Good Morning! We are in to our second week of having some of you in school. Below are listed the activities to complete, like last week, the first couple are for Bubble 6C to complete.

PHSE – Bubble 6C only (Home group)

What are your thoughts and worries as you start to think about next year? In our Zoom meeting we talked about a few of these.  Can you design a picture showing the thoughts that Y6 might be thinking about moving to secondary school and the things you might say or ask to help you or a friend.This could be a drawing, collage or both!  

Science –  *Build a Paper-chain that Holds a Bucket of Water*

 STEM Equipment– newspaper, bucket, measuring jug.

 Task: Using newspaper, you must make a chain with a least 4 links. You can only use 1 sheet of paper and no other materials. You must be able to attach it to the bucket handle using only the newspaper.





History – The Mayans – Writing System

Your task this week is to investigate Mayan numbers.

#Lesson Presentation Maya Number System

1) Read the introduction about the Maya number system using the presentation. Read the larger numbers sheet before trying to complete the numbers system activity sheet where you have to try and write the numbers shown.

maya number sytem activity sheet

Activity Sheet Larger Maya Numbers

2) Read and solve the calculation shown on page 10 of the presentation. . Challenge: use the numbers from the activity sheet to write 3 addition or subtraction calculations of your own.

DT – Global Foods ( for any time over the next week)

1) Investigate the different types of food eaten in China. What differences can you find with our diet?  How do Chinese people eat their food?

2) Can you choose a meal to cook for/with your family from China this week? Perhaps it could be a stir fry, a noodle dish such as Chow Mein? Spring rolls? Could you eat any using chop sticks too?

Country 2 – China

Art – Lesson 5 – Be An Architect

Imagine you are an architect that has been given the job of designing a brand new building.

We are setting you the challenge of Designing your Dream House: Part 2

1)  Last week you designed your dream house and completed a plan, perspective drawing or front aspect of this house. This week we would like you to design the inside too, in keeping with the theme or purpose you have chosen too. Think about what style your rooms might be like, what added features you might include.