Phonics and Reading


Reading with ChildrenWe teach phonics using the Read,Write inc. scheme, supported by some additional resources from Phonics Play. In class, children read the high quality phonically decodable books that accompany the RWI scheme. Children also take home phonically decodable reading books to support their early reading development. We have a wide range of Pearson ‘Phonics Bug’ books which children work through as they are introduced to new sounds. There are fiction and non-fiction books within the scheme to ensure the children access a variety of genres, even as they first learn to read. Alongside Phonics Bug , children may choose a non-scheme book at share at home so that they have a balance of phonetic and key-word based books. Phonics Bug leads on to Bug Club books as the children become more confident readers.

Guided Reading

Throughout the EYFS and key stage one, children have a guided reading lesson every day using the RWI books. We also use the Rigby Star scheme for guided reading, alongside other literature that the class teachers feel relevant to support learning.

In key stage two, children continue to develop their reading through daily guided reading sessions and whole class Book Talk sessions.  We have a wide range of differentiated novels and non-fiction books to support this.

Developing Reading for Pleasure

Costumed StaffOnce a week we offer parents a ‘Drop Everything and Read’ session, where they are welcomed into school to read alongside the children. We believe it is important for adults to display a love of reading to children.

We have a ‘Reading Tracks’ whole school initiative to encourage reading for pleasure at home. Children achieve certificates and book vouchers as they read round the track.

Year 6 children run lunchtime story clubs in our school library for the younger children.

Children from the local secondary school write books for our younger children and come into school to read with them.

We take part in Shrewsbury Bookfest every year. Our older children have the opportunity to read and evaluate books, vote for the winning stories and meet the authors.

Our fiction book stock is shared between the classes. Most non-fiction is classified and held in the central library. Children are encouraged to take reading material home each day and to use a home/school diary.

An overview of the end of year expectations for English can be found below: