RE and Worship


RECollective Worship is a very special part of the day for us. It is a time when we are all assembled together and aims to give pupils and school staff alike the opportunity to:
•Express praise and thanksgiving to God
•Foster respect and deepen spiritual awareness
•Reflect on the character of God and on the teachings of Christ
•Affirm Christian values and attitudes
•Share each other’s joys and challenges
•Celebrate special times in the Christian calendar

Pupils of other faiths

We have several pupils from other faith traditions and the beliefs and values of those pupils are also recognised. Stories from other scriptures are included in worship and provision for specific religious observances is made.

All publicly funded schools in England are expected by law to provide a daily act of collective worship for all their pupils. In Church of England schools this must reflect the traditions of the Church of England. At Baschurch, this happens as a whole school 4 days a week. Once a week, we worship as a key stage so that we can have discussions and ask ‘big questions’ more relevant to the age group. Parents who wish to withdraw their children from collective worship or specific R.E. teaching should let the school know in writing of their intention.

Religious Education

This being a Church Aided School the Governors have agreed the following policy statement on R.E.
The Governing Body considers the following to be the aims of R.E. within our school.

  • To assist pupils in their search for meaning and purpose and to provide opportunities for their spiritual growth.
  • To enable pupils to engage with Christian concepts and beliefs concerning God, the world and humanity.
  • To assist and to encourage young people to experience Christian life and worship including the use of the Church’s year and links with the local Christian Community.
  • To explore the Bible as the foundation document of Christianity, especially its accounts of the life, teaching and significance of Jesus Christ and of the early Christian community.
  • To promote an awareness of an insight into non-Christian faith communities in Britain and in the world.
  • To discover the richness and variety within the Christian tradition especially as a living faith in the present day, and to explore the implications of Christian faith in daily life.

The Governing Body believes that the content of the R.E. curriculum should be guided by three attainment targets:
1. Knowledge of religious beliefs and practices.
2. The child’s own personal understanding and response.
3. Relationships and lifestyles.

The Governing Body acknowledges the important contribution to be made by the Diocese of Lichfield’s “Resource Handbook for
R.E. in Church Schools” in supporting these aims. Reference is also made to the Shropshire Agreed Syllabus for R.E.

We have very close links with All Saints Church, Baschurch. The vicar regularly leads worship and RE lessons in school. We visit the church regularly to celebrate significant Christian festivals such as Harvest, Easter and Christmas. Children and staff in school contribute to the church newsletter and help fundraise at church events.

RE and Worship at Baschurch

Our school behaviour policy is strongly linked to our Christian Values. We expect children to follow ‘The Baschurch Way’ – a set of five school rules, founded by our school Christian Values. Click on the images below to see how we can live out these values through the teachings of Jesus.