CommunityWe are proud to be part of the supportive community of Baschurch. Within school we work hard to ensure our pupils feel part of and value the community in which we live; locally, nationally and internationally.
We strive to participate in and support local events and regularly welcome members of the community into school. We have particularly strong links with the local church, pre-school and secondary school. We also collaborate with several other local primary schools, where we join together for sport, music, school trips and transition opportunities at the Corbet.

The Corbet School

The Corbet SchoolAt the end of Year 6 your child will transfer to secondary school. Most families decide that the adjacent Corbet School is the appropriate school for their child.

Considerable time is spent on liaison between this school and The Corbet School, to obtain the smoothest possible transfer for our children.

The Corbet School

All Saints Church Baschurch

Baschurch All Saints ChurchWe have very close links with the Church. You can find out more about our local church by visiting their website:
All Saints Church

Baschurch Pre_School

We have strong links with Baschurch Pre-School which is situated further along Eyton lane. We work closely with the staff and pupils to ensure a smooth transition for those children who go on to join us in our reception class.

Baschurch Pre-School

Attingham Park

We are involved in a ‘guardianship’ programme with Attingham Park, our local National Trust property, ensuring our children have an awareness of their environment and history. Children work on a project over the year, making monthly visits to Attingham Park and doing follow up work in school to enhance their science and geography curriculum.
Attingham Park