School Council

School Council BadgeThe School Council is made up of representatives from each class in the school. Children who are interested in becoming part of the council write manifestos at the beginning of the year and their peers vote for them. The children work in partnership with school staff, governors and parents for the benefit of the school and its pupils.

Chair and Secretary

Chair and Secretary

We believe that good school councils help to involve all young people in the life of their school and community. Our council has been involved in staff interviews, planning school events, improving dinner times and designing markings for the school playground, to name but a few. They listen to the ideas and suggestions of their peers and feedback to the school staff.

The school council meet every few weeks. They help Mrs Williams by giving a child’s point of view on new initiatives. They are also proactive in coming up with their own ideas.

The council feedback to their classes after the meetings and can record the main points here on the school website. Other children can then offer suggestions and help to bring about positive change in our school.

The School Council write their own blog over in our blogging area. They value any comments that other pupils, staff or parents make.


School Council Blog