We are very proud of our school and are regularly complemented on our smart, well mannered children when we are on school visits and outings. Uniform plays a big part in this: it gives children a sense of belonging to our community and we expect all children to wear the uniform with pride.
Please label all your items and check regularly that your labeling hasn’t faded.

Uniform Details

  • navy school logo jumper
  • pale blue logo polo shirt
  • grey bottoms

Shoes should be black and socks should be plain white, black or grey please.


Children need to wear a Baschurch School logo t-shirt and navy blue shorts. Trainers or pumps need to be in school for outdoor PE lessons.


The School Shop sells school book bags which we expect children to bring everyday with their reading books, diary, homework etc. They also sell school ruck sacks which are popular with older children who bring their own pencil cases and suchlike.

Our Uniform Shop


For safety reasons we do not allow jewellery to be worn to school and we expect hair to be tied up for PE.  The Corbet Secondary school does not allow earrings to be worn under any circumstances, so in keeping with their policy, we do not allow earring to be worn here either.